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Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve review

Noisy babies, jerkwad customers, and measly tips. That TPS report doesn't look so bad now, does it?


  • Super simple to grasp
  • Multiplayer oddly fun
  • 70 levels


  • $30 is at least $10 too much
  • Impatient customers
  • Rough controls

To quote a very good movie about a group of very bad men named after colors, waitressing "is the number one occupation for female non-college graduates in this country." So, back in 2004, a casual games developer created a clicky, dot-to-dot waitressing game called Diner Dash. Finally, an entire legion of double-X-chromosomed potential customers could feel like they were slogging though a double shift at work even when they were actually at home “relaxing” at their computer.

Diner Dash: Sizzle & Serve brings the long hours and greasy aprons to PSP and DS. You’re Flo, a burned out white-collar business woman who clearly has no idea how hard waitresses actually work. So she chucks her cushy office job, buys a run-down, fixer-upper restaurant and embarks upon a career as a food server.

More Info

DescriptionServe dishes, clean up messes, and keep your customers happy as you build a restaurant empire worthy of Mr. T. G. I. Friday.
PlatformPSP, DS
US censor ratingEveryone
UK censor rating3+
Release date23 May 2007 (US), 4 May 2007 (UK)