Devil May Cry creator misses old Dante, says 'whatever' to new game

Despite two days of rather amazing news, nothing else from the Tokyo Game Show has surpassed the vocal response to the latest Devil May Cry, now developed by Ninja Theory. We postedour thoughtsyesterday on the game's trailer (awesome) and Dante's emaciated new look (not as awesome), but we sure didn't expect the series' original mastermind to weigh in so soon and so matter-of-factly.

Above: 2001 Dante, meet 2010 Dante

Hideki Kamiya, director of the original DMC and this year's Bayonetta, had these responses to fan messages on Twitter (re-arranged to make sense to those who aren't familiar with Twitter's nearly impenetrable RT@#DERP nonsense)

It should be noted that Kamiya, who is presentlywith Platinum Games,is now competing against Capcom for action game dollars, so that could also affect his perception of Ninja Theory's take on a character he helped define. It's also worth pointing out that his "whatever" could be more of a deflection, a desire to avoid an ongoing back-and-forth about a game he's not working on than a "psshh, whatever, their game ain't nothin.'"

Obviously tempers are still high, but c'mon guys... surely we can wait until we PLAY the game before dumping gallons of putrid hate on it, right? Haha kidding this game sucks. #fact

Source:The Silent Chief

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