Detective Pikachu artist makes incredible Monster Hunter parody Pokemon Cards

(Image credit: RJ Palmer)

Former Ubisoft and Detective Pikachu artist RJ Palmer (opens in new tab) made some stunning parody Pokemon cards based on Monster Hunter creatures, and you've got to see them.

These "Pokemonster" cards were actually released last year, but I'd never seen or heard of them until now. And when I did see them earlier today (thanks to Monster Hunter streamer Canta Per Me (opens in new tab)), I knew I had to share them. Apart from several Detective Pikachu critter designs, you probably know Palmer as the artist behind those realistic Pokemon drawings that took over the internet a while back – and continue to pop up to this day – but his approach to the Monster Hunter universe is also fantastic.

There are 12 cards in total, and all but one of the monsters featured appeared in Monster Hunter World or its recent Iceborne expansion. The odd one out is Lagiacrus, which was initially teased for World, but was cut due to engine complications. At least he got an appearance in this card set. 

(Image credit: RJ Palmer)

In addition to a nice action shot of a Pokemon-ified monster, each card comes complete with detailed attacks and stats based on that monster's abilities but adapted to the rules of the Pokemon card game. The flavor here is outstanding. Kirin's Random Spark attack echoes its unpredictable lightning, Rathian's poisonous talons and tail are the basis for her moves, and Elder Dragon predator Nergigante gains a bonus against Dragon-type creatures. There's not a single dull card here, and between the flavorful abilities and delightful art, I can't choose a favorite.  

(Image credit: RJ Palmer)

The best part of these cards may be the cute descriptions at the bottom of each one. The description for Rathalos, for example, reads: "Rathalos is known as the Sky King Pokemon. Despite its ferocious appearance it is a kind father. It's also known as the #1 boy, and can stomp that fool Charizard." 

I also love the snippet about Great Jagras, the punching bag of Monster Hunter World: "Great Jagras possesses an enormous gular pouch to carry food back to its pack of Jagras. Not this one though, this one is just fat." 

You can find more details – and purchase the entire physical card set for $20 – over on Palmer's store (opens in new tab)

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