Destruction AllStars gameplay discovered ahead of PS Plus release next month

Destruction AllStars
(Image credit: Lucid Games)

Some Destruction AllStars gameplay has surfaced online via the PS5's ShareFactory app. 

According to a Reddit post, the gameplay was shared on the app and was stored in a project titled “Cyberpunk.” GamesRadar has verified that the footage does appear in Share Factory, alongside clips from Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Astro's Playroom as well. 

Destruction AllStars Gameplay found in Share Factory from r/PS5

The user, who is known on Reddit as ‘Rickybeats’ claims that they were the one to upload the footage to YouTube and claims: "This is NOT a leak. Everyone who has Share Factory on PS5 has access to the example project."

In the 24 second clip, fans can get a close look at the characters Blue Fang and Genesis, as well as the game’s UI and slow motion shots. We also get our first look at drivers ejecting themselves from one car to another, and a brief look at how the characters perform on foot before the video comes to an abrupt end. 

Destruction AllStars is set to premiere as one of February’s Free PS Plus games, although Sony is yet to confirm the full line-up. Aside from a brief 2-minute gameplay trailer released in November 2020, we haven’t seen much in the way of gameplay for this vehicle combat game. 

This will be developer Lucid Games’ first PS5 release after working on other titles such as co-developing Need For Speed Payback. The company has been doing a lot on social media to promote their next project including posting a customised meme to highlight Destruction AllStars’ move from a PS5 launch title to PS Plus. 

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