Destiny's last live event is coming this month, here's everything we know about it

New Destiny expansions and live events have rolled in like the tide over the last few years: with soothing regularity and occasionally full of shiny surprises. That will finally come to an end with the arrival of Destiny 2, but Bungie has one last hurrah planned for the original game before then: the Age of Triumph.

Calling it "the final live event for the Destiny 1 era", Bungie said Age of Triumph will begin at the end of March. It's meant to celebrate all the achievements (read: rep farming and boss cheese) that Guardians have faced so far while presenting some new hurdles to overcome and sweet, sweet loot to earn. Those are the only details that Bungie explicitly mentioned, but it did show these three teaser images for its upcoming series of livestreams:

That's a Vex Minotaur in front of the entrance to the Vault of Glass, unless I'm mistaken. Some new stuff for Destiny's very first raid, perhaps? That would be a cool way to come full circle.

These are all icons from the director, including those for the Crucible and Nightfall. Looks like Age of Triumph will bring along plenty of new activities to try. And the title for the associated stream is "Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals", which makes it sound like they could become a lasting part of the game rather than a limited-time thing.

Is that Hunter wearing some spiky new armor? Also, if you blow out the brightness, you can tell that this looks like another scene from the Vault of Glass. It's all coming together!

Those are all the clues Bungie has given out for Age of Triumph so far. The studio plans to host a reveal livestream on Wednesday, March 8 which should give us some more answers. Just don't count on taking any of your new goodies with you over to Destiny 2.

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