Destiny's first Iron Banner since Rise of Iron is here, and it's a little different

The very first Iron Banner PvP event since Destiny: Rise of Iron (opens in new tab) came out is live and it's brought along some very welcome changes. From honoring the Iron Lords in glorious Crucible combat to avenging their deaths in the Plaguelands, it's time to return to the arena for a week of Supremacy.

Your new best buddy Lord Saladin has farmed out some of the day-to-day Iron Banner duties to Lady Efrideet:

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She's running things a little bit differently. First off, the Tempered buff is gone: you'll get the same reputation rewards for finishing matches and bounties on Tuesday as you will on Monday. In its defense, Tempered could help latecomers with less free time catch up with folks who had been powering through Iron Banner all week. But it mostly just made playing on the earlier days feel like a waste of time if you'd already completed your daily Bounties, and necessitated way-too-complicated math (opens in new tab) for earning optimal rewards. I'm glad Bungie got rid of it.

Speaking of Bounties, Bungie also added an extra weekly Bounty to the mix, bringing the total up to four. Bounty rewards now include an Iron Banner item not sold by the vendor, a chance at a special Artifact or vanity item, and 25 Legendary Marks and 750 Iron Banner Reputation.

Here are the rewards you can buy this week:

A furry auto rifle

A slightly less furry shotgun

Some cozy Hunter armor

Some Warlock armor with great Iron Lords #brandengagement

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