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Destiny's creative story lead just 'parted ways' with Bungie

Look, I know people leave jobs all the time but it's the wording of CJ Cowan's departure that's interesting: "I decided to part ways with Bungie" say the former creative story lead for Destiny. It doesn't exactly sound like a positive move. Here's Cowan's message:

That mention of the sad face doesn't exactly sound like it's party time at the leaving drinks either. Plus Cowan's currently listing himself as "a story teller for hire" so he clearly hasn't got anywhere else to go right now.

Of course there's no way of knowing for sure what's happened but it does seem a little... less than good. Destiny's big update is due on April the 12th with new missions and strikes so 'parting ways' so close to such a big event seems odd, plus there's also the addition of a new lead Destiny writer last February.

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Leon Hurley
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