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Destiny: Age of Triumph's new loot boxes let you catch up on missed gear from previous events

Just when you'd given up hope for ever collecting that adorable Ghost Ghost, Destiny: Age of Triumph's new loot boxes appear. Bungie revealed in a livestream today that Age of Triumph's new Treasure of Ages item will reward players with formerly limited-time rewards from previous events. In other words, you finally have a chance to complete all those half-finished special event sets that seemed forever lost.

Treasures of Ages will also contain some new loot specifically created for Age of Triumph, but Bungie is holding off on talking about those until next week. For now we know that you'll be able to earn up to three treasures each week by completing the new featured playlists for story missions, Strikes, and The Crucible.

You can also buy them with Silver from Eververse, of course. And since this will be the last big Eververse update - and your Silver won't transfer over to Destiny 2 - you might as well spend it if you've got it.

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