Destiny 2 Xur June 26 location and Exotics: Where is Xur June 26 - June 30?

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The Destiny 2 Xur June 26 location is down in the EDZ. Land in the Winding Cove and head north until you reach a crashed spaceship perched on a ledge. Jump up to the ledge using the rocks on the right to reach Xur. The snake-faced merchant will stick around until reset time on Tuesday, June 30. 

Here's everything Xur is selling this weekend. Remember that even if you already own all of these Exotics, you can still buy armor again for a better stat roll. That's in addition to Xur's random Exotic engram, which is always worth buying.

  • Exotic weapon - The Colony: fires tiny robot insects that seek out enemies and explode when they get close. The Colony is one of the strangest and most amusing Exotics in Destiny 2, but it's not terribly powerful. It's great fun in PvP since you can basically just shoot all your grenades in the direction of the enemies and watch the kills roll in, but at the same time enemies can avoid your little robots just by jumping. You can't beat the comic relief of a random Colony kill, though.
  • Hunter Exotic - Young Ahamkara's Spine: tripmine grenades last longer and have a larger explosion. Dealing damage with abilities grants tripmine grenade energy. Ahamkara's Spine is basically the tripmine version of Shinobu's Vow, and it comes with the same recommendation: if you really like this grenade type, you'll probably enjoy using this Exotic.
  • Titan Exotic - Synthoceps: increases melee range, and increases melee and super damage while you're surrounded. The Synthoceps are a staple neutral Titan Exotic, especially in PvP, where it can work wonders with abilities like Knockout. Even in PvE, with the right Artifact and Charged with Light mods, Synthoceps can put in some serious work. 
  • Warlock Exotic - Phoenix Protocol: getting kills and assists inside your Well of Radiance grants super energy. If you're running middle tree solar Warlock in PvE, particularly in raids or dungeons, you probably want to use Phoenix Protocol. It makes Well of Radiance much more powerful and consistent, adding yet more utility to an already powerful support class. 

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