A PS4-exclusive Destiny 2 gun leaked on PC and Xbox One (but those players can't actually use it)

It's been a good day for Destiny 2 bugs. Mere hours after players uncovered yet another infinite enhancement core exploit (opens in new tab), PC and Xbox One players discovered (opens in new tab) that the Wavesplitter, an Exotic trace rifle which is meant to stay a PS4-exclusive until this September, was leaked to other platforms. The thing is, PC and Xbox One players who obtained one won't be able to use it for long. As Bungie community manager Cozmo said in a forum post (opens in new tab), an upcoming update will disable the weapon on PC and Xbox One. It'll still be there in players' inventories, but it won't be equippable until September. 

How did this situation come about? Well, per the latest Destiny 2 patch notes (opens in new tab), update 2.2.1 changed the Fated Engrams sold by Xur so they can yield Forsaken Exotics. Wavesplitter is a Forsaken Exotic, and because Fated Engrams always contain Exotics you don't have, Xur's newly updated engrams had a high chance of awarding Wavesplitter to active players who have many Forsaken Exotics already unlocked. 

Here's the real kicker: update 2.2.1 arrived right before Destiny 2's weekly reset, meaning Xur was selling updated Fated Engrams for approximately one hour. I don't know how many Wavesplitters made it into the wild on PC and Xbox One in that time, but it was enough for Bungie to insta-block them with an emergency update. And understandably so, because I imagine Sony wouldn't be happy to see PS4-exclusive content leaked to other platforms. 

If you play Destiny 2 on PC or Xbox One and managed to obtain a Wavesplitter, enjoy it while it lasts. Soon it will be unequippable and you'll just have to stare at it until September. 

Here's a new Exotic you'll actually get to keep: the Arbalest linear fusion rifle is said to be coming in the spring Revelry update.  (opens in new tab)

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