Destiny 2: The Dawning 2018 will bring a new heavy machine gun, the best sparrow ever, and more festivities next week

Destiny 2's next holiday event, The Dawning, will start on Tuesday, December 11, Bungie announced today. It will continue through Tuesday, January 1, 2019, giving players plenty of time to chase the event's rewards. 

For The Dawning 2018, Guardian outfitter Eva Levante will return to the Tower carrying a bundle of recipes. To make these recipes, you'll need to collect ingredients from various activities or by buying them from the Eververse store using bright dust. "Once you have your ingredients, you can start combining them to create some tasty treats like Gjallardoodles or Chocolate Ship Cookies," Bungie said. Not all recipes will be complete, so you'll need to experiment to find the best results. Once you've scrounged up some cookies, you can share them with friends, who will "show their thanks by rewarding you in their own ways." Gifting cookies could unlock some emotes or triumphs, receiving cookies could grant a temporary buff - your guess is as good as mine. 

Outside of recipes, The Dawning 2018 will also feature more traditional bounties. These will reward enhancement cores - renamed masterwork cores, for the unfamiliar - as well as equipment mods and Legendary gear, with each class receiving a full armor set. The most tantalizing piece of gear is Avalanche, a new Legendary heavy machine gun, which will drop at your current power level and roll with random perks. On Reddit, community manager dmg04 confirmed that some Dawning bounties will reward powerful gear. 

The event will also deliver a sackful of cosmetics, including multiplayer emotes like a proper high-five, and the coolest sparrow I've ever seen. Landing tricks on it even earns bonus glimmer (during The Dawning). Have a look: 

Like the Festival of the Lost Halloween event, The Dawning 2018 will effectively double the amount of bonus Engrams players earn: whenever you receive an Etched Engram, you'll also receive a Dawning Engram with unique rewards. "There will also be a 'knock-out' list on the Dawning Engram, preventing you from receiving duplicate items until you've earned all of the new items," Bungie said. Dawning Engrams will also be purchasable at the Eververse store for Silver, Destiny 2's premium currency, with one Exotic emote locked to a Silver bundle. 

Destiny 2: The Black Armory is fresh out of the oven, but some day-one stumbling blocks have tripped up the otherwise exciting DLC. Bungie recently lowered the power level of its premier Lost Forge horde mode, but pacing issues persist. Hopefully The Dawning will help fill the content gap until The Black Armory starts firing on all cylinders. 

Here's everything new in the Eververse store for the Season of the Forge.

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