Destiny 2 revealed a bunch of guns and Exotics coming in Lightfall and I want them all

Bungie dropped a new Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer this morning, and it's chock-full of the new guns and Exotics we'll be shoving into our personal armories once the expansion arrives on February 28. 

Let's get the most important reveal out of the way: we're finally getting a Stasis glaive. Players (it's me, I'm players) have been clamoring for this weapon type for a while, and it looks like a new Exotic called Winterbite will finally deliver that power fantasy with seeking ice bombs. 

Other weapons include Final Warning, a sidearm which fires tracking rounds that seem to deal Strand-type damage. Meanwhile, the Deterministic Chaos machine gun applies the Weaken and Volatile Void debuffs as you lay on the trigger. Finally, anyone who's pre-ordered Lightfall will already be familiar with Quicksilver Storm, an auto rifle that can also launch special grenades. This auto rifle will seemingly gain a Strand damage type after Lightfall's release and spawn special Strand "Tangles" when you get kills with its alt-fire. A few unnamed, potentially Legendary guns also appear at the end of the trailer, right before we see a Hunter chuck some kind of Strand bomb at a group of Cabal. 

We also saw one Exotic armor piece for each class. Hunters are getting the Cyrtarachne's Facade helm, which grants flinch resistance for a short time after you use the Strand grappling hook. (Surely this won't be infuriating in PvP.) Titans have the Abeyant Leap boots, firing three piercing Strand projectiles whenever you place a barricade. This looks like a better, Strand take on the unpopular Solar Exotic Khepri's Horn. And then Warlocks have the Swarmer boots that summon seeking "Threadlings" whenever you destroy Strand Tangles. Whatever they are, these Tangles seem to be integral to the flow of Destiny 2 Strand Subclasses and weapons. 

While today's sneak peek was all about the guns, the previous Lightfall trailer focused on the environment of Neomuna, the Neptunian city where we'll seemingly spend most of our play time. There's a vibrant, cyberpunk aesthetic to Neomuna, and that same feeling runs through many of the guns we'll be chasing. 

Gearing up should be easier than ever in Lightfall after the release of "Buildcrafting Evolved," a huge overhaul that promises sweeping mod changes and proper in-game loadouts. 

Austin Wood

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