Destiny 2's new Lightfall trailer channels Spider-Man and an iconic Year 1 scene

Bungie dropped a fresh look at Destiny 2 Lightfall earlier today, and it goes all-in on the Neptunian city of Neomuna as well as the enemies and allies we'll meet there. 

The cyberpunk vibe of Neomuna continues to inspire absolutely bumping music, and this is our best look at the neon-lit city yet. Neomuna's skyline has a new ornament in this trailer: a giant statue in the likeness of newly appointed Darkness general Calus, mounted to the front of a big-ol' battleship in the most Calus-like move possible. 

Calus will be a major player in Lightfall, and judging from this trailer, he's still a braggadocious smartass who's hard to truly hate. He's got some new friends, too, most notably the ominous Tormentors that pop up around one minute into the trailer to dramatically reenact one of the defining moments of Destiny 2's opening Red War campaign. Maybe it's just me, but the long shot of our Guardian falling after getting the life (and Light) ripped out of them reminds me of the kind greeting that Dominus Ghaul gave us back in the day. 

A few other shots jump out, too, and I'm not just talking about the Spider-man-grade Strand-swinging. For starters, we briefly glimpse a Vex Network-esque landscape around 1:11. I don't see any Vex around, but the Cabal shown here could easily be Vex simulations. It wouldn't be the first time we've fought digital remnants in this platforming Rubik's cube. Alternatively, maybe the Shadow Legion has harnessed Vex tech for its own means? That, or this is just some Vex-like gobbledygook cooked up by the Darkness. 

I'm also very into the aquarium shown 26 seconds in, if only because it answers one question I've had since Beyond Light: where did the Exo Stranger get that cool Ghost Fish, and where can I get one? 

Bungie recently asked the Destiny 2 community for feedback ahead of Lightfall, and boy did it get some. We've also learned more about the Destiny 2 Strand Subclasses coming in Lightfall.

Austin Wood

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