Destiny 2 Power levels could see "major changes" but director Joe Blackburn says it's a "scary" task

Destiny 2 Lightfall
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Destiny 2's Power level system may yet see "major changes," but Bungie's well aware it's a monumental task.

Speaking to GamesRadar+ in our full Destiny 2 Lightfall interview, game director Joe Blackburn discussed whether any changes to the Power system might be made in the future. "I think yes is the answer with Power," Blackburn began, being pretty clear-cut about the possibility if nothing else.

"We would still like to make major changes to the Power system. We looked at crafting as a scary thing to add to Destiny, and Power is that times 10," Blackburn continued. "There's some good stuff that Power does for the game, and there's some really bad stuff that Power is doing to Destiny right now." 

The veteran Destiny 2 director added that, "I think what you're gonna see us do is some experiments that are helping us understand if we're making the right long-term plays for Power and helping us dial that in. If we're gonna do this overhaul, can we have some good data before we get there?"

Blackburn advises players to expect some "weird experiments to be flying through in the year of Lightfall." However, the game director is conscious that Power "tells you what to do" and helps structure Destiny 2 progression, so changing that could lead to knock-on effects for other parts of the game.

It's not a small task facing Blackburn and the team at Bungie, that's for sure. However, for the many players who, like Blackburn, do want to see changes made to the Power leveling system, there's at least hope in the fact that Bungie is actively thinking about how to revise the system.

Destiny 2: Lightfall arrives next year on February 28, 2023. Both Calus and The Witness are bringing an army to bear against the Neptunian city of Neomuna, and given that there's an entirely new subclass and enemy type entering the game, it's already set to be a huge year for Bungie's flagship game. 

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