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Destiny 2 player turns the old campaigns into a cinematic series before they're cut from the game

With huge chunks of several Destiny 2 campaigns leaving the game with the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the introduction of the Destiny Content Vault, one player has taken it upon themselves to preserve the game's missions and cinematics through a hefty cinematic series. 

Reddit and YouTube (opens in new tab) user Jabonte announced (opens in new tab) their new project, Destiny 2: The Series, this week. "When Bungie announced they were going to be vaulting content I decided to preserve the campaign missions," they explained. "That idea evolved into a love letter to the story of Destiny 2. This is a 32-episode cinematic playthrough covering all 5 expansions as well as the most recent Season of Arrivals Interference Mission."

In a nutshell, Jabonte has recorded and cut together soon-to-be-vaulted Destiny 2 missions on PC at 60 FPS running max graphics settings with the HUD disabled. Loading screens and UI will be edited out to preserve the series' momentum, but cutscenes have obviously been left in. The goal seems to be to turn Destiny 2's main story content into something of a movie, as opposed to a let's play series. Jabonte will feature Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks for different campaigns, and the whole shebang will be posted to their YouTube channel. 

With Bungie committing to Destiny 2 for years to come, I have to wonder if the game will ever get some sort of gallery for old content or cinematics, sort of like a time capsule to sit alongside the Destiny Content Vault. The developer is in the process of re-working the new player experience to account for the story content that's leaving the game (and to make the New Light introduction less overwhelming), but a story primer won't hold a candle to the full campaign, so it's heartening to see players rallying around this kind preservation. 

In August, another Destiny 2 fan released a Garry's Mod recreation of Mars, which is also leaving the game this fall.  

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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