How to complete the Lost Prophecies in Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris (and get 11 new Legendary weapons in the process)

Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris brings with it an intriguing and somewhat complicated new endgame activity that high-level Guardians are going to want to check out. These are the Lost Prophecies available from Brother Vance on Mercury; essentially 11 side-quests that come with the added bonus of receiving a guaranteed Legendary weapon for completing each one. 

But how do they work? And how do you even get access to them? Good questions! This guide details everything you need to know about the Lost Prophecies, The Forge, and why it’s going to take you quite some time to get all of those 11 Legendary weapons.  

Before we even talk about that, though, you ought to know how you can make a start on this new Destiny 2 activity. You’ll need to own the Curse of Osiris DLC (obviously), and have completed the entirety of its campaign from start to finish. After that, three new Adventures on Mercury will become available to you; complete them all, before speaking to Brother Vance, who will give you the opportunity to replay one of these Adventures on Heroic difficulty, so long as you’re above power level 290. 

The Heroic Adventures aren’t easy, and the recommended power level from Bungie is 300. Even if you’re well above that threshold, though, we suggest going in with a Fireteam to make sure you can deal with the upscaled difficulty and new challenges proficiently, otherwise you might find yourself stuck at the last hurdle. All finished? Good, speak to Brother Vance once more and he will provide you with “Lost Prophecy, Verse 1.”

Each Lost Prophecy verse comes bearing resource requirements that must be fulfilled in order to “offer” them to The Forge; The Lighthouse’s archaic crafting table. For example, Verse 1 asks you to collect one piece of Concentrated Radiolarian Culture; you’ll need 10 pieces of regular Radiolarian Culture to create one piece of Concentrated Culture, and the details in your inventory shows that you can find these in Public Event chests. 

That means you’ll have to complete as many public events as needed to collect 10 pieces of regular Radiolarian Culture, which can then be turned into one piece of concentrated culture which the verse asks for. The drop rate for items like these are unclear at this point, but they’re considered rare in-game, and out of all the public events we’ve played so far, just over half of them have dropped a single piece of Culture.

Here is where things get... complicated. If you’ve found all the resources, head back to Brother Vance, who can turn the 10 Radiolarian Culture into Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. You can then interact with the Concentrated Culture in your inventory to fulfil the Verse, which Brother Vance will transmute into a tablet for you. 

This tablet can be used at the Forge to craft the weapon it corresponds to - a Legendary Scout Rifle called Progeny 1. You’ll know you’ve crafted it properly, as one of the points on the Star symbol next to the Forge will have lit up, showing you how many Prophecies are left to be fulfilled.  

Stay tuned in the weeks ahead...

Brother Vance will then allow you to pick from one of three other Prophecy Verses (3, 4, or 6) he has on offer, and it appears as though he will be selling three verses per week. That means, if you complete all three verses every week, you should have all 11 Legendary weapon within around four weeks. The Destiny 2 Reddit community has already put together a table showing which guns correspond to which verse, which gives you some idea of what to expect from The Forge over the next few resets. 

Each Verse has different resource requirements, and not all of them are as simple or easy as Verse 1, but all you have to do is keep repeating the specified activities to farm the needed resources, and The Forge will be ready for another use. These Lost Prophecy weapons can’t be found anywhere else and, once crafted, drop at a much higher power level than the gear you’re equipped with, so this convoluted new system is absolutely worth the time and effort for the dedicated Guardians out there. 

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