Destiny 2 could get a mobile spin-off thanks to patents filed by Bungie

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

Bungie has patented controls for mobile gaming, further spurring reports of a Destiny mobile spin-off.

The Game Post reports that Bungie filed six new patent applications earlier this year in March, which have now been published online. All six patents reference virtual controllers or controls you could use on a touchscreen or mobile device.

One of the patents specifically mentions Destiny 2 alongside the patented technology of a virtual controller. This, arguably more so than any other of the five new patent filings, suggests Bungie intends to use this new technology with Destiny 2 rather than a new game in development.

These new mobile control patents immediately bring to mind a report from earlier this year claiming Bungie was working on a mobile FPS game. This report claimed that Bungie partnered with Chinese gaming firm NetEase to develop this new mobile project.

Later in the same report, it was claimed that instead of bringing Destiny 2 to mobile devices, the studio was collaborating with NetEase to develop a brand new Destiny game specifically for mobile devices.

The title has reportedly been in development for over two years, but months from the report, we're yet to hear anything official from either developer.

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Hirun Cryer

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