Design an amazing phone app and win £1000

Since the concept of the phone 'app' or 'application' entered into pub conversations (evenifit wasvia the low-brow Fart Machine or Sexy Clock series) it seems everyone has their own idea for a killerdownload that would make them millions. But how many of these half-formed plans come to fruition?

Well how about you take that seed of an idea, bash it out on paper and submit it to Vodafone? If your app idea is selected as a winner you could a) see it made and distributed as a Google Android app and b) pocket a £1000. Tenrunners up will also recieve anHTC Magic handset.

All you have to do is click the below link and follow the instructions on the Vodafone site where you'll be asked to explain your idea in less than 800 words.

Vodafone App Design competition page

To get you started here's GR UK's best ideas (and we're setting the bar pretty low here.)

Justin Towell, Content editor: "The GamesRadar -A very literal translation of our website name, this would be an app that found your nearest games shop in the form of an old school-radar image. You would hold the phone flat and the radar would blip wherever the game shop was, allowing you to home on it."

George Walter, Editor: "The Told You So! voice recorder -This app records conversations and arguments and then allows you categorise them in a library. Ie. an argument as to whether a particular sports team will win an event.

"After the event has happened and you are proved right, the app reminds you to text the audio of your argument/conversation to the relevant person with a picture of you flicking the bird saying 'I told you so... dickhead!' or whatever word you care to use. If you are wrong it just silently deletes it."

Dave Houghton, Content editor: "The Drunk-Guard - Multimedia mobile phones are great, but with the addition of booze to the equation all of that connectivity can become a mortifyingly embarrassing double-edged sword. Let the Drunk-Guard can save you from such misjudged drunken social failures.

"Using our phones motion sensing, a reading of the speed and accuracy of your button presses, and a mandatory pre-call photo of yourself to determine whether you’re too drunk to be trusted with the power of instantaneous mobile communications. If so, it blocks the phone numbers of your parents, girlfriend and all exes until you are deemed sober enough to be responsible."

Nathan Irvine, Content editor: "Portable breathalizer- For those moment when you *think* you’ll be alright to drive after a couple of shandies. Simply breath into the phone’s mouthpiece and it will determine whether you’re over the limit or not – handily dialling you a cab automatically if you’re wrecked.

Matt Cundy, Content editor: "The Random conversation generator - Be genuinely interesting at parties with the help of the random conversation generator. When boring nonversation about the weather and work is exhausted, simply let the random conversation generator get things back on course with a lively, leftfield and absolutely guaranteed-to-make-you-desirable-to-the-opposite-sex conversation suggestion.

"From Mexican midget wrestling through to the menstraul cycle of elephants - you never know where your mouth will be going next. If you're the socially-awkward oddball that always ends up in the kitchen at parties, this is for you."

And winning the least original/lazy/where have you been for the last twoyears?app idea is David Meilklham, Content editor who suggested a lightsaber app that hums when you move your phone about, without a hint of irony. Seriously. We're lost for words...

Suggest your significantly more well informed ideas here:

Vodafone App Design competition page