Depeche Mode in Sims 2

Aging electro-rock group Depeche Mode has recorded a Simlish version of its upcoming single Suffer Well to be featured in the new Sims 2 expansion pack Open for Business, which is out today.

With lines such as "From the blackest room, I was torn, He called my name, a love was born," Suffer Well is an obvious choice to be part of the soundtrack to a game that allows Sims to open up shoe shops.

Simlish is of course the made up language used by the Sims to communicate with each other. While it sounds nonsensical there are some phrases that can be picked out. For instance "chumcha" means pizza, "dag-dag" means bye-bye and "mokey-hokey"means OK.

EA music marketing executive Steve Schnur describes it as an "emotion-filled language that defies translation," making it a "great fit for the music Depeche Mode makes". Yeah, it's a no-brainer really.

But Depeche Mode isn't the only retro act in the game, as fellow 80's popsters Howard Jones and Kajagoogoo have also provided music. You couldn't make it up!

Open for Business isn't the first Sims game to feature music from well known pop artists - hip hop lightweights The Black Eye Peas recorded a Simlish version of one of their songs for The Urbz. Fortunately EA showed due responsibility and flagged up the presence of the offensive content with a clear warning on the front of the box.

There are rumours that Bronski Beat's Smalltown Boy will appear in EA's forthcoming Godfather game, but these are yet to be confirmed by EA.