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Demon's Souls remake has already gone gold

Demon's Souls
(Image credit: Bluepoint Games)

Dark Souls modder and YouTuber Lance McDonald has revealed new information about the upcoming PS5 remake of Demon's Souls. In a series of tweets, McDonald told fans that he's been hands-on with the remake, which he says went gold on September 24.

In a tweet yesterday, McDonald said that he'd "been allowed to see a few very small sections of gameplay" from the remake, and was also given "a lot of information about the game." That information ranged from a confirmation that the remake uses almost exactly the same file structure as the original, to details about the game's engine and reports that cut content has been restored.

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McDonald also reveals that 'Fractured Mode' is still present in the remake. The feature was originally mentioned in the game's trailer description, but that description was edited by PlayStation to remove any mention of Fractured Mode. While McDonald claims to have seen the mode in action, he hasn't revealed what it does, saying he "rather keep new mechanics unspoiled."

Overall, it sounds as though McDonald is very impressed. In his first tweet, he said that he was "very happy with everything so far," noting that the game "just looks like Demon's Souls except everything is incredibly beautiful and some bosses are far more disgusting than ever." He also says he has "high hopes as to the faithfulness of the project," suggesting what he's seen so far is accurate to the original, although we'll likely find out more on that front soon - the remake is one of the PS5 launch games, so will be available on the PS5 release date on November 12.

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