Defiance trailer gives a first look at Trion and Syfy's MMO/FPS/TV show hybrid

We haven't heard much about Trion Worlds' ambitious MMO/FPS/TV show hybrid, Defiance, since we saw it at E3 last year. There, we saw a small bit of gameplay and were told about plans to merge the show with a Syfy original television series, but after that event the developer went dark. Now, they've finally come out of hiding, bringing new footage of the ambitious, interesting shooter.

While the trailer first makes it look like a typically massive shooter, it eventually evolves into something more unique. Giant monsters, vehicles, and thousands of players all sharing an exclusive world? Even without the prospect of hearing your character's name mentioned on a TV show, that's pretty cool in and of itself. Check out the trailer to see some bug-shooting masthead, and check back for more Defiance news as we get it.

Hollander Cooper

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