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Death Metal tie-in Justice League #56 preview - you go, Hawkgirl!

Justice League #56
(Image credit: DC)

With DC already looking to its post-Death Metal Future State, it might be easy to forget there is still quite a bit of Death Metal left.

Case in point, Tuesday, November 3's Justice League #56 by Joshua Williamson, Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques, and Romulo Fajardo Jr., which may or may not make for some good 'waiting in line at your polling station' reading.

Justice League #56

(Image credit: DC)

Either way, the issue is part two of the Death Metal tie-in which DC calls a "crucial part of the picture about what the Titans and missing Justice Leaguers have been up to as Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman attempted—and failed—to take down the source of Perpetua’s power."

Nightwing and this Titans friends have teamed up with Lex Luthor, who has a plan to defeat Perpetua that involves the Legion of Doom. 

Hey, what could go wrong?

"When we last left our heroes in Justice League #55they were getting blasted to smithereens by Perpetua's Omega Knight. (You know, the big guy that was first introduced back in Justice League: No Justice), reads DC's description. 

"However, it turns out their fate may not be sealed yet. Hawkgirl, who had separated from the team to hunt down the nearby Martian Manhunter, now finds herself facing off against the Mindhunter—the Dark Multiverse mashup of Manhunter and Batman—who needs her help hijacking J'onn's mind."

Mindhunter claims to be the only one who can stop Omega Knight, but he needs access to Martain Manhunter's mind to do it.

Here's the thing though, if you haven't DVR'ed the last few episodes of 'As the Multiverse Turns,' Hawkgirl hearts J'onn.

"In other words, any chance at saving the Multiverse may now be in Hawkgirl's hands…but will she have to betray the hero she loves to do it?" asks DC. "Does J'onn's life mean more than the lives of pretty much everyone else?"

See if there are any hints in this preview of Justice League #56. 

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