Death, Jr. 2: Root of Evil - hands-on

While it is apparent developer Backbone Entertainment has stepped up and improved on the first game, that doesn't change the fact that you've played this before. Tweaks like a strafe mode for better aiming and more animated cinemas can't hide the sameyness of jumping, collecting and mashing on the attack button. The dialogue also makes the world seem less Tim Burton and more Wal-Mart Halloween aisle.

But hey, games can be identical and still fun. The prospect of an entire co-op adventure is an inviting one, and from the time we've spent running around this messed up world, Death, Jr. 2 could still be a blast with a friend, even if the core game is something you've already done. And if you care about things like cool lighting and improved visuals, boom, you've got another aspect of the game to bite in to.

Appropriately enough, you'll be able to explore DJ's macabre missions on Halloween, mere days away.