Dead Rising's Webisode 3

After all of those silly "Bunnies can't..." Rayman videos, we were kind of worried that Dead Rising had hopped on the episodic web trailer bandwagon... until today. We just watched their latest "webisode," and we can honestly say that this is the best one yet. In the continuing saga of Frank versus the mall of the undead, the creepy characters you meet aren't always of the post-human variety. Sometimes, their ordinary people that you'd want to avoid whether there was a zombie apocalypse in progress or not, and that's exactly what this new trailer tackles.

Seriously, this video is extremely graphic, so unless you're over eighteen, you are prohibited from viewing it. Sorry, but those are the rules... we don't want your parents getting all zombie on us because you clicked on the Movies tab above and warped your delicate little brain.

August 1, 2006