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Dead Rising Cheats

It might look like a simple game of Whack-A-Zombie, but Dead Rising brings multi-layered gameplay and tough decisions that hardcore gamers will love making.

Dead Rising FAQs

Dead Rising guides

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by dillon

    how to get moltov coctails

    wonderland plaza

    on dead rising in wonderland plaza, if your in a certain level on the game, in one of the shops on the left hand side, there is a man with unlimited Molotov cocktails . he is crazy for what i would think so if you kill him, when hes on the floor burning theres a fire extinisher by there, pick it up and spray the fire out. if you take him to the security room in a thw more minuites oatis will call you saying "paul has a present for you" and you go back to the security room and then he will give you unlimeted moltov coktails.

    thank you for reading (:

Dead Rising Hints

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Finn the chainsaw clown.

    Fort Locations

    There are various locations in the mall to make a fort. To make a fort you have to block up all the entrances/exits with tables, chairs, benches etc.

    Here are some examples of good locations:

    1. The sandwich shop next to the Movie theater. This place has food to restore health.

    2.The spicy meatballs cafe/restaurant in the Food Court. This area has big chairs to make blocking it off a lot easier.

    3.The gun store in the north plaza (spoiler: make sure that you kill Cletus first). There is no particular reason why this is a good fort, it's just good to keep guns close to you.

    I know there are other locations good for forts but these are just a few off the top of my head...

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Fabble

    All SMG locations

    Every Plaza (Except North)

    Note: The SMG's cannot be used for perfect gunner achievement

    (These locations appear in chronological order [which is a fancy way of saying the place you go first] according to the main storyline)

    #1: Paradise Plaza:
    After exiting the warehouse at the beginning of the game (when you're a n00b) right above you is a blue...thing to best describe it. This blue thing is a little border decoration that sticks out of the wall on top of all the stores on that side. Go to your immediate right and onto the stairs. From there you should be able to jump up onto the blue thing. The SMG (among other things [including a teddy bear]) is up there and is at the very end

    #2: Leisure Park:
    Close to the shed on the side of the movieland theater, there is a tree and under this tree is a amazing. Pick up this rock and aim up into the tree. There is an SMG on one of the branches that you can knock down with the rock. But you must ask yourself why there is an SMG in a tree beyond the obvious explanation of a trigger happy squirrel. And come to think of it, why are sub machine guns so abundant in a shopping mall...must be in Texas.

    #3: Food Court
    On your left as soon as you walk in from the park is a little restaurant called Chris' fine foods. On the sign of this establishment is a model of a rather fat chef (assumed to be a depiction of this Chris fellow). In front of this rather large chef is another SMG. Simply jump up on the one of the walls and climb up. Again, the only reason I can think of why a sub machine gun would be in front of a fat chef of a restaurant would be to threaten people to eat at this fine establishment...

    #4: AlFresca Plaza:
    After running through the entire plaza, you reach a small food court with a fountain in the middle. The SMG is located in the middle of this fountain along with a dumbbell. You probably don't even want to hear my theory of why that SMG was there...

    #5: Entrance Plaza:
    (Requires a live dead zombie)
    Go up the escalators and run around the banister to the other side of the escalators. If you are facing the cosmetic shop, the closest palm tree on your right has the SMG. All you have to do is lure a man-eating zombie over to the banister, get on its shoulder using zombie ride, and jump over a gap that would surely kill you if you fell to land on a palm tree with an SMG in it. This palm tree probably had some self confidence issues and threatened to shoot all the other trees if they didn't stop making fun of his drooping balls...

    #6: Maintenance Tunnels:
    If you are entering the maintenance from the outside parking lot with the convertible or motorcycle that you hijacked, make a right and then take your first left and then your first right again. You should come to a dead end with a door. No idea what this area is used for. Inside the door is a storage room with some skateboards, sledgehammers, food, and, you guessed it, an SMG! It also has the maintenance tunnel key. Janitors obviously throw awesome parties when no one is looking...

    And that's it there are other guns and lethal weapons in the mall, including baseball bats, stun guns, and handguns that are thrown into trash bins, but that's not too strange because we're assuming its Texas.


    There is one more I forgot to mention which is in Wonderland Plaza. Note that you may have to break some theme park rules to get this lethal weapon. Simply ride the roller coaster while it's functioning properly. When it is over one of the lego houses which has the SMG on it, do the opposite of keep your hands and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Basically make a dive for it while the ride comes over it and hope you survive.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by halofan1998

    Invincibility Juice

    Columbian Roastmasters, Paradise Plaza, Willamette Parkview Mall, Willamette, CO

    The Invincibility Juice can be done a variety of places, but the easiest is at Columbian Roastmasters, Paradice Plaza. At any point in the game, procede to the front counter and pick up a pie. DONT EAT IT then pick up an orange juice and place both in the blender. Wait a few seconds, then a red bottle will pop out of the blender. Voila 60 seconds of invincible goodness.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by It is fun killing zombies

    Survivor Bill

    Entrance Plaza

    When you do the case, odd old man, follow Brad to the Entrance Plaza. He will open a gate that leads to the there. Then go up stairs and head on down to In the closet store. If you do not know where it is, find the store with zombies out side it. Go in the store head to the back. In the back you will see a closet with stacked up boxes. Break the boxes and you will find Bill.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by AnonomousGamer1993

    Frank's Zombification Cure Item's Locati

    Everywhere In Mall Area

    To find the items for Franks Zombification Cure you must go to these places in this order to still have 5 game hours remaining;

    -First you'll want to brew up about 4 "Quickstep" drinks to evade the Special Forces.

    1.) After brewing the quickstep drinks in the Columbian Roastmasters in Paradise Plaza, grab the BLENDER after making the drinks.

    2.) Retrieve the COLD SPRAY in the Sporting Goods store next to the Columbian Roastmasters.

    3.) Run to Cam's Cameras next to the Entry/Exit door to the Warehouse to get the SOLUTION.

    4.) Quickly dash up to the Security Room and grab the COFFE FILTERS.

    5.) Run back down from the security room and run to the Entrance Plaza and get up the escelators and retrieve the PERFUME BOTTLE.

    6.) Next run to the front doors of the Entrance Plaza and take a left into the Camping Shop and get the CAMPING STOVE.

    7.) Next Get into the Food Court and gain entrance to the Wonderland Plaza. There go to the Jewlery Store and there retrieve the MAGNIFYING GLASS.

    8.) Now this ones a little hard to do. Theres two ways you can get the FIRST AID KIT.

    1.) (If you do have the Maintainence Tunnel Key) Get into the Parking Garage and take a left to where you killed the Butcher. Theres a door to the Right of the Butcher Shop door, take it. Then youll appear in the Supermarket and you can proceed straight and into the Pharmacy and grab the FIRST AID KIT and go back down into the garage. Then get out of the Parking Garage and to Isabella in Carlito's Hideout.

    2.) (If you dont have the Maintainence Tunnel Key) This is the way I did it and its really hard! First get into the North Plaza past the Special Forces down to the Supermarket. Make shure you have a Katana or other Sword from the shop to the left of the Supermarket. Then enter and race down to the Pharmacy and close the door! Then regain some health from the Cardboard Box in the Pharmacy. Get the FIRST AID KIT and make it past the Special Forces. Then take the Motorcycle infront of the Entry/Exit Door from the Supermarket. Drive it down to Carlito's Hideout and you'll still have about 1-5 hours left depending on how high of level you are.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Neokiller

    Unlimited Clown Chainsaws

    Wonderland Plaza

    After you kill Adam the Clown, pick up his first small chainsaw, then stop the ride and another chainsaw will be where his body is. Now, Step 1: Don't save the guy that was on the space ride first exit Wonderland Plaza, then when you walk back in there will be a new small chainsaw waiting for you where Adams body was. Continue this process until you have as many small chainsaws as you need. With the Criminal Biography book, the Entertainment book and the Engineering book you will have an unstoppable small chainsaw army.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dead Rising kid

    Brian's shotgun

    Entrance Plaza

    When you enter the Entrance Plaza for the first time and all of the survivors in it if you pay attention to Brian he has a shotgun in his right hand. When the zombies come in and your facing the exit Brian is next to the right staircase probably covered with zombies, beat them with the bench and pick up the shotgun but watch out for the severed hand

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by delta657

    Several quick tips on bosses

    Any time you fight a boss

    I know that there are already tons of tips on how to kill bosses, but after reading them I discovered that most of them involve taking a katana or small chainsaw and simply cutting them up. I have some tips for if you simply don't have the health to do that.

    Cletus, In the Huntin' Shack (North Plaza)

    Alright first of all simply run out of the store. Now you should kill all the zombies out there to give you some breathing room. Once that is done, open the door to your left (Cletuse's right) so that it is opened into the store. Then simply stand at the edge of the wall to the left of the door and aim with your gun. Due to Frank's natural right lean, you will be able to shoot Cletus while safely behind the door. If you run out of ammo, there is a corridor to the right on your way back to the North Plaza that usually has 3-4 zombie cops with guns.

    Carlito (Food Court)

    This fight is pretty easy, although I still wonder why I cant get his gun. Run up the stairs roughly in front of you so you are kinda under Carlito. You should see a stack of boxes to the right, jump on then, and then onto the same level that Carlito is on. Basically use the same tactic you used on Cletus, go to the edge of the wall, aim, and shoot. (Note: The handgun has a rather small range, so If you're shooting right at Carlito and hes not taking any damage, just wait until he gets closer.) After a bit of this, he will run away to another section of the roof. For this I reccomend jumping down next to Brad and Shooting Carlito when he comes out from behind the sign. Because of the horrible AI, Carlito will always run out to the same spot, so just aim right there and hit him when he stops. If you run out of ammo, just talk to brad and he'll give you another gun.

    The Convicts

    If you're like me, then you got pretty frusterated by these guys. All you have to do, however is raid the Huntin Shack and grab a couple shotguns and maybe a sniper rifle. (If you havent killed Cletus, then this fight is a lot harder, so I would reccomend doing that first.) If you like being up close and personal, then simply blast the convicts with the shotgun when they try to run your over. I recomend killing the gunner first, then the guy with the bat, and then the driver. If you find that you keep running out of health when you do this, then I would reccomend trying out the sniper rifle. Just run away from them until they become preoccupied with something else or get stuck behind a tree, and then kill the zombies in a rough 25 ft square area so you can aim. Then just zoom in on the convicts and take out the gunner, then passenger, driver. It is kinda touchy while aiming, so you dont need to nessecarily go for headshots, as long as you hit them. Note: If you dont destroy the car after you kill the convicts, they will simply come back next time you enter the park. I reccomend taking the gun off of the back and shooting the jeep until black smoke comes from under the hood. If you're not sure that its completely destroyed, then check if you can still get in.

    Carlito when he has a sniper rifle. (Entrance Plaza)
    First of all, when you use this trick Brad may become low on health, so be sure you keep an eye on him. Run up the stairs, and follow Brad to the sports store. Then you need to make a quick dash to the pillar closest to the store. If you jump in the middle, you shouldnt get hit. Use the same trick as with Cletus and Carlito the first time and hide behind it. Sadly, the sniper rifle does not work with it, so its pretty much useless, unless you want to take pot shots at Carlito from the stairs. He will be out of range most of the time from that first pillar, so I reccomend running left to the other side of the second floor, and running up until you are directly opposite of Carlito. Then use the same trick, but you should be able to hit him this time. If he starts to run towards you, then you need to retreat because he can then get a shot at you.

    Steve (I dont know if thats right, but hes the leader of the raincoat cult) Movie Theater

    This is pretty simple, and, despite what I said earlier I reccomend a katana. The shotgun is hard to use because he is always in your face and its pretty hard to shoot him before he stabs you. So I would just wait until he attacks you, sidestep it, and get in a quick slash or two while hes recovering. Keep this up for a bit and he will drop pretty fast. As for the cultists that come running in afterwards, that is what the shotgun was made for. Just put a couple pumps into the group, wait for one to charge you, and let him run up to you. You will then enter a grapple, and its pretty easy to win. Once you push him over step back, and, if it went right, most of the group should be over the body when it explodes. SPOILER: The book that Steve drops is called "Brainwashing for dummies" XD

    Adam (Wonderland Plaza)

    This is a pretty easy fight, despite how much everybody else whines about it. First of all, you need to run down the stairs to the second floor. Once he follows you, stay at a distance of about 10-15 feet away and wait until he starts to blow a balloon. (If he decides to throw a knife just dodge it and he will problably blow a balloon, and if he does the flame breath, then your too close) Shoot the balloon, and keep shooting him while he's stunned. This is pretty much the entire fight, and I got it the first time without losing a single bar of health. If he jumps down to the first floor, then DO NOT FOLLOW HIM. There are tons of zombies down there, and it is much harder to kill him. Just wait until he comes back up to the first floor.

    Final Boss (Dont remember the name, but hes the guy on the tank.)

    First of all, this is a very hard fight. First he will do a little "come here" gesture but ignore it. If he doesnt charge you, then bait him by running up to him and back really fast. First he will kick at you, then he will yell and charge you, usually knocking you off the tank. Sidestep that, and beat the crap out of him as soon as he passes you. Any technuiqe will do, I used normal punches most of the time. Note: When he blocks your punches he will take a tiny amount of damage, so once his health is about at one quarter left, just keep punhcing him and letting him block it, and after about 2 minutes he will die. I also found that if you are constantly falling off the tank and getting bitten several times, then scan the edge of the zombie crowd for some that have queens. I found a couple next to the wall, so look around. Kill that zombie and throw the wasp-in-a-jar at the crowd. You will kill about 200 every time, so if you do that 2 or 3 times the zombie crowd will pretty much dissapear, so you dont have to worry about falling off the tank.

    Thats all I have, I know there are more bossess, but I dont want to ruin all the fun for you >=)

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by kaseo the blood material

    Kill Cultists Easier

    To kill the cultists in the yellow coats with green masks

    First make a spitfire drink (or more) then drink it and go to spit mode by taking off weapon and then aiming and then go spit on them and it only takes 3 - 5 spitfire shots for a low level ( 1 - 30 ) and at level 50 it should be about 1 - 3 shots

    Also across from Columbian roast masters is the sports shop so you can go grab a few golf clubs because they only take 3 - 5 shots to kill a cultist and there is as many orange juice as you want in Columbian roast masters as well.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dead Rising Owns!!!

    How to Kill Brock and the Tank


    To kill the tank, just shoot at the glowing things that switch places on the body of the tank. Usually they appear at the front of the tank on the left or the right. Occasionally they will appear at the top of the tank. When it appears at the top, shoot it immediately! If you don't shoot it then the tanks attack will do considerable damage to your vehicle. The tanks health will appear at the bottom of the screen so you know how your doing so far.


    After you destroy the tank, A cut scene will occur. After the cut scene you will spawn on the tank will Brock standing on it with you. All around you is a swarm of zombies. You do not have any weapons when you spawn but don't worry! All you need is the double lariat where you spin around. If you have this skill then you will do fine on him. If you don't then the other move i recommend is the knee drop. To kill him with the knee drop just get him off the very top of the tank onto the front of it. Get him to attack you and quickly dodge him. jump onto the top of the tank and when he jumps up after you, knee drop him and it should do some damage. You should avoid being knocked off the tank because the zombies will devour you and your basically screwed if you fall off. Also avoid being knocked to the ground because Brock will do his neck snap move which will kill a lower level.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Easy way out guy

    Defeating Adam the Clown

    When facing Adam, you should have a couple handguns. While you are facing him you should stay far away and you should keep on looking at him. After a while he will start to blow up a balloon, shoot him and he will drop the balloon. Then really quickly shoot the balloon. If you do this right, he should start laughing. While he is laughing you should shoot him a couple times. Keep repeating these steps and you should beat him very quickly.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by devils_prodige

    Kill Convicts Easily

    Get the quickstep mix juice and go outside toward the vehicles - if the convicts come at you, use the quickstep and get the car to ram into them. It should kill all of them but one, you can kill him with a bat or something and you can take their vehicle.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by anynomous

    Another Sub Machine Gun

    Go to the food courts, and on the green letters on top of chris's fine foods is a sub machine gun. Also in Wonderland Plaza, there's one on the block houses. You can get up there by using the ride, just time your jumps

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Zombie_killer

    Unlimited Health For 30 Seconds

    Combine "Zombait" And "Randomizer" And You Get A Green Drink Called "Energizer" It Gives You Unlimited health For 30 Seconds.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by MASTER SPARTIN 117

    Boxing Points

    Inside Flexin' in Al Fresca Plaza

    Punch all the punching bags for 2,000PP each and a 10,000PP Bonus

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Treadmill Points

    If you run on the treadmills Inside Flexin' in Al Fresca Plaza, you'll get 2,000 PP for each one, for a total of 10,000 bonus PP.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by dark rider


    Ed's Nicknackery

    In the entrance plaza go up to the second level (after you unlock it, after you beat Carlito) and walk on the right walkway you start near. Go into the store called Ed's Nicknackery - in the right display case there should be battle axes!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by RumJunkie

    Shower Head of Death

    Very occasionally, a Zombie will be carrying a shower head. After you've grabbed it, attack a zombie from close up with it by pressing X. Frank will plunge the shower head into the zombie's cranium, making the shower head gush out red blood for a brief moment. It's funny but over far too quickly, so get your camera ready!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Rob

    Easy Level Ups

    food court

    When you enter the food court from the outside, go to the left and up the stairs to the buffet restaurant. On the wall there should be a bunch of plates. shoot them with your hand gun and you'll get 1,000 pp points for each plate you destroy.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Goalieman93

    Oven Bonus!

    To use an oven for a 2000pp bonus is easy. All you need to do is have an uncooked pizza in your inventory and use it with the oven. The oven is the microwave or toaster looking thing. Get a special bonus for cooking in all the ovens. The uncooked pizza will also become a golden brown pizza and give you more health than usual.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by theynamedmestoner

    Easily Killing Madman

    When your on your way to the supermarket to get medicine for Brad, go into the construction site area - in the very first store under construction, there will be a nail gun on the ground, pick it up and save all its ammo. Once you're in the store and about to go through the double doors you get stopped by the freaky madman dude. Even when he starts chasing you and you have to kill him, run back to the double doors (make sure you picked up some milk). Open only one of the double doors and run inside, then, turn around and the madman will try to run through the doors but he can't fit - while he's just standing there, start unloading with the nail gun right in his annoying little face. He will run away, but he comes right back so don't move. And the milk is because about every 15 or 20 shots you take he shoots you with his shotgun. No biggie though. (The nail gun holds 60 shots).

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Mr_A

    Leg Sweep

    After unlocking the "Knee Drop" technique

    After you unlock the "Knee Drop" skill, hold down on the analog stick and press X right before touching the ground to unleash a leg sweep that knocks down multiple zombies. The timing for pulling this move off is similar to the Roundhouse skill.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Zac T

    Boss Fights

    In the game you will run into several boss fights which is kind of obvious. Not all of these bosses were explained so I will do so. There is several ways of doing this. Its easier at 50 but I will explain in the lower lvl areas.

    Carlito-(Food Court) this fight is started from the case file Backup for Brad. Now as you start run to the back and start shooting him from the back this will cause him to do various things such as shoot at you/brad and cause him to run around. He will do this through the whole fight and eventually work his way into the restaurant signs. Now if you run low on health run into a restaurant and eat some food. another way of doing this is jumping onto the balchony with the boxes in the dining section towards the middle and slice at him with a knife. note: Brad has extra ammo for you.

    Adam the crazed clown-(Out of control Scoop) at night of the first day otis will call you about this guy. go to the 2nd floor of the wonderland plaza to find him. If your a good shot you should only need 2 handguns for this guy. When you start run out of the blue area you start it since the rollercoaster can be dangerous when comming through and can kill u. so get out of there. Distance is important against this boss he has 2 chainsaws and will charge at u when close so get away. When your about 25 feet away he will eather throw knives or blow up a gas filled balloon when he throws knives try to shoot you should be able to get a shot or 2 when he does this but he doesnt throw them often. When he blows up balloons shoot the balloon it will cause him to caugh then unload on him repeat until you kill. also if he gets close when ur doing this shoot him and it will cause him to tottally stop. note- he drops the small chainsaw weapon which is one of the best weapons in the game. use it for boss fights not on zombies unless you have the 3x book combo.

    Cliff the Hatchet man(Hatchetman Scoop) Found in the Home depot like store in North Plaza. You should have a katana or small chainsaw for this boss. Katanas can be found by the grocery store. Cliff uses hit and run tactics. So when he gets close you can get a few hits on him. When your low lvl its hard since hes much faster than you. After he hits you or misses he will run into little chutes scattered across the area when he jumps in one he will have a photo op so try to get it. after he does this he will be on one of the shelves. dont tottally go next to him since he will jump down if u get to close. Just repeat hitting him when he gets close and you should have it. beware he does throw bombs when on shelves and smoke bombs to make you cough. note his machette he drops is also a very nice weapon.

    Carlito-Entrance Plaza(Rescue the Proffesor) this fight is fairly simple at low level when your not very fast get a quickstep drink(milk+milk) and run at him with a katana he will go down very fast.

    Steve the Grocery Store man-(Medecine Run) this fight isnt very tough due to food being all around you. A katana/small chainsaw works fine just out manuever his weapon rack and you will be fine. Beware he does have a shotgun which he pulls out ever once in awhile. His photo ops is when your behind him he will try a drop kick at you from the back. its a tough shot.

    Jo the Fat Police Officer(Above the Law) this fight is somewhat challenging when your lower level just try to outrun her and stop for a quick second so she tries to attack you if she misses you can hit her with a small chainsaw or katana about 2-3 times repeat until she dies. when she shocks one of the girls is when a photo op appears.

    Sniper Family(Mark of the Sniper)-These guys are fairly simple if you can catch up to them take a quickstep just in case. Bring a katana or small chainsaw and ran at them crazily when u get to close they will try to run away in which u can repeatly swing until succession. note: take out there dad named roger and then jack since there the better aimers. jack and roger when they shoot you will sometimes clap hands which is a photo ops.

    Paul the Emo kid(The Punked Out Kid Scoop? something like that) This fight is a bit of a challenge you may need a bit of food on this guy. Using guns is tough on this guy since he runs alot and its pretty hard to aim in this game a sniper or shotgun would work pretty well but if your a melee lover like me you can chase him down. He drops bombs when you chase him but if you to the outside you can avoid them. He does get tired after awhile and sometimes hits himself with his own bombs. Hes just like the snipers just chase him down and swing. You can dodge most projectiles thrown. after u defeat him hes on fire which is a photo ops you can put out the fire. just stand back and spray... it takes a few tries to get the spray down and you cant aim with the extinguisher or else you will just throw it.

    Sean the Cultist Leader-(A Strange Group) Sean is very easy of coarse i was at level 50 when I did this just grap a small chainsaw and fight him up close he died in 4 hits or so for me. I did something really cool where I summersault kicked him then roundhouse kicked him making him kneel to the ground then I slashed him up he didnt even touch me. but yah just take a katana or small chainsaw and fight him up close hes really easy. and after the fight cover your eyes for the cut scene its really nasty.

    Cletus the Gunshop owner- Found in the north plaza this guy is really tough one of the hardest bosses. what you should do is on the right side of the shop lift up one of the signs and place it really close to the one in the upper right that way its harder for him to hit you. then when you start aiming at him he will go under the counter for a bit and move around then pop up thats ur que to shoot him but dont shoot to much because after awhile he will duck again and you will miss your shots. if he does hit you with a shot he has a photo shot of him drinking wine. Also when he reloads thats another time to hit him. If you do run out of food or guns if you time it right when hes reloading or so you can run up grab a shotgun or wine after that he will likely throw you so be quick. note: he has tons of guns after you kill him so load up.

    Kent Camera man(Photographers Pride) Another easy one have a katana or small chainsaw ready and just cut him up took me 3 hits hit him hard and quick. his jump kick is the only things to worry about.

    Larry the Butcher(Jessies spotting something like that, one of the cases in the storyline) This guy is tough when your a lower level your best bet is to have 2 shotguns and right in the begging shoot him once and run to the counter in the back w/ the 2 milks. if your low on HP use the milks. just stay behind it and unload. He will throw knives and occasionally one of the cut up cows. when he throws the cows try to do one of the dodging moves because they do alot of damage. he rarely does a photo op but he will sometimes go in the back and drink out of the sink. note his meat cleaver is a very nice weapon. also note that the torn up cows do wear down ur weapons so dont him them lol.

    Brock the final boss- the guy nobody posted about. now im sure alot of you are looking for somone to post about this I sure did but I had to do it the hard way. I do reccommend you doing this at lvl 50 his neck break kills lower levels in one hit. and your punches do minor damage against him when lower. to kill brock you should try hitting him with jump kicks all the time if you do manage to hit him with one do a double larriette to further damage him. look for ques to hit him with the jump kicks when he tries to ram at you. he is farely easy when you master to fight him... it may take a few tries believe me I know I started at lvl 26 and learned the hard way. in the begging of the fight he will wind up his fist which is a photo op snap it quick. Good luck guys and have fun.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jessie's Cleavage rocks

    Jessie's Cleavage

    Take shots of Jessie's Cleavage for 200+ erotica points.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Drink Combos


    Quickstep - Run faster.
    Nectar - Heals all health.
    Spitfire - Deadly spit (Put away your weapon, go into aiming mode and press X to spit).
    Zombait - Attracts zombies.
    Untouchable - Zombies can't grab you.
    Random - Makes you sick

    Combine the following items:
    baking ingredients + baggette = spitfire
    baking ingredients + baking ingredients = spitfire
    baking ingredients + condiment = spitfire
    baking ingredients + cooking oil = spitfire
    baking ingredients + orange juice = nectar
    baking ingredients + pie = spitfire
    baking ingredients + snack = spitfire
    baggette + baggette = untouchable
    baggette + baking ingredients = spitfire
    baggette + condiment = spitfire
    baggette + cooking oil = random
    baggette + orange juice = untouchable
    baggette + pie = untouchable
    baggette + snack = spitfire
    cooking oil + baggette = random
    cooking oil + baking ingredients = spitfire
    cooking oil + condiment = spitfire
    cooking oil + cooking oil = spitfire
    cooking oil + orange juice = random
    cooking oil + pie = random
    cooking oil + snack = random
    condiment + baggette = spitfire
    condiment + baking ingredients = spitfire
    condiment + condiment = spitfire
    condiment + cooking oil = spitfire
    condiment + orange juice = nectar
    condiment + pie = spitfire
    condiment + snack = spitfire
    orange juice + baggette = untouchable
    orange juice + baking ingredients = nectar
    orange juice + condiment = nectar
    orange juice + cooking oil = random
    orange juice + orange juice = nectar
    orange juice + pie = untouchable
    orange juice + snack = nectar
    pie + baggette = untouchable
    pie + baking ingredients = spitfire
    pie + condiment = spitfire
    pie + cooking oil = random
    pie + orange juice = untouchable
    pie + pie = untouchable
    pie + snack = zombait
    snack + baggette = spitfire
    snack + baking ingredients = spitfire
    snack + condiment = spitfire
    snack + cooking oil = random
    snack + orange juice = nectar
    snack + pie = zombait
    snack + snack = spitfire
    random + random = quickstep

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jose S.

    Very Easy Zombie Kills

    Leisure Park

    Exit the mall to find yourself in the park. You will soon find the convicts (will respawn every time you leave the park and re-enter) kill the one on the giant machine gun first then the rest. Hop into the car and run over some zombies. In the park is an entrance leadind into a parking lot with a lot of zombies run them all over and exit the way you came in and you will find an entire line of 60 or 70 zombies just waiting to get run over.Re-enter the parking lot to find the zombies respawnded and exit to run over the line of zombies again. Do this as much times as you wish.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Patriotsfan0922

    Kill Sean Easily

    First make sure you have good weapons. Once you enter theater number four he will be in their praying to a maniquin. Right when the cutscene is over turn around and run out the door you came in. He won't follow you so you walk into the theater hit him a couple of times and walk back out . If you need more life go into the other theaters and check for food or drinks. Note: Once you kill him more of his cult followers will come after you blocking the way out of theater four, so take Sean's sword.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by KingRock911

    Big Helpers

    The Spining Head - while in Pardise Plaza, go to the toy shop with the novelty lego masks, in the middle of them, there is a large lego man, whos head is in two sections, hit it, until the top spins 180 degrees to change his eyes, then you will be awarded 10,000 PP

    The Gasoline - once outside, if u go down the long alley into the parking lot, there will be a car and bike waiting for you. That's a great way to earn plenty o'kills. However, if you enter the underground section watch out, a few zombies down there are pushing gasoline tanks, the tanks will severely damage your car/bike, and will eventuall destroy it, and unless you are at a very high level with very good weapons, without a vehicle, surviving down there is hopeless.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by PlutonicCaner

    Sub Machine Gun

    This weapon can be found on the blue ledge above the store "Shoekins" in the Paradise Plaza area. Jump from the staircase next to the store "Kids Choice Clothing"
    up to the blue ledge. There you will find it at the very end past the teddy bear.

    Clip:100 Rounds

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by SoundGunner

    Sharp Thing + Funky Helmet= Fun

    Once you find a sharp weapon, and a funky helmet, slam the helmet on the zombie's head and chop the head off, stab the body, and somethin funny will happen.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Anonymous

    Glow in the Dark

    If you go to a toy store and get a toy light sword it glows red, and if you switch weapons it still glows.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Anonymous


    The Convicts

    Just grab two handguns a samurai sword and all the orange juice you can hold. To beat them, get them to run into a tree then slice the driver. if you run out of your samurai sword shoot them. When they're all dead grab the big machine gun in the back of the jeep.

    Clown with Chainsaws

    you need the big machine gun you got from the convicts and a couple handguns. Run away from the clown until you have a safe distance. Its alot easier in a hallway or a big open area. shoot him with your big machine gun when he blows up the balloon. Then shoot rapidly with the big gun still. When he dies grab his chainsaws for killing the zombies.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by that guy

    Melt Faces!

    Jill's Sandwiches

    Just grab a frying pan from Jill's kitchen. Put it on the stove, also inside of jill's place. The frying pan will kill in one hit.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by We Eat Kake(Cody S)

    How to Kill Bosses

    Cletus, the Guy in the Hunting place
    *You will need a couple pistols and some balls*

    The easiest way to kill this guy is to hide behind the racks with stuff on them. There are two that you can pickup, but don't. Stay behind them and wait until Cletus reloads. He shoots about 8 times, and then reloads. You can pop out and shoot him or run up and grab a shotgun real fast. If you get too close he picks you up and throws you. So hide behind the signs and he will drop to the floor and roll around behind the counter. After a couple times of rolling around he will pop up again. Keep firing from behind the signs and you will be safe. If he moves to the other side of the store, move to the opposite side. There are tons of signs so pick any of them.

    *Need a pistol or two, and some juices*

    The convicts are the guys driving the Hummer with the m60 on the back firing at the survivors. They are located in the park. Get behind something - cover is the key. I hid behind a tree. Take out the gunner - it takes about 5 shots. The convicts are easy, like zombies. A couple shots and they drop. After the gunner is dead, run up and take the heavy machine gun off the Hummer. Sometimes the guys get stuck on a tree, so then is a good time to go for it. After you kill the gunner, aim for the driver. Once again 5 shots or so, and the guy is dead. Then the baseball guy is all yours. The machine gun comes off but won't fit in your inventory. So its either machine gun or hummer fun. Enjoy your new offroad vehicle, it runs zombies over easily.

    Steven, the Oversized Grocery Manager
    *Need pistols and a shotgun or sniper rifle*

    Steven is a fat guy, pushing an ultra heavy shopping cart. You have as much life as you want in the supermarket. The thing you don't want though, is to be seen on top of the shelves, that's when he pulls out a shotgun. He's really accurate too. Try to stay near the dairy, and he will charge at you with the cart. That's when you unload on him with with anything long range you have. Keep repeating, and if he gets close run to the other side of a isle or a container or something. Hes fairly easy and only pulls out his shotgun if you are truly unreachable by his cart.

    Carlito (Food Court)
    *Dont really need anything except a pistol*

    This is the first boss. You're in a food court, and a food court has.. food in it. So of course he is easy once you get ahold of the controls. Brad and you are behind some coveras normal getting shot at by the crazy carlito. He has a machine gun and grenades. Brad will give you more ammo and pistols if you run out. Try to stay behind stuff like a chair or a wall and peek out to fire at the maniac when he's on the top of a food place. He runs between the 3 windows in the middle. You can shoot him from behind, but he does see you, and once again you'll get full of lead by his machine gun. Keep firing at him through the windows. After about 20-30 shots he's defeated, then the cut scene of him escapeing commences!

    Carltio (Entrance Plaza)
    *Need a sniper rifle and some food*

    This is the second time you run into Carltio. Your story may be different. He's in the Entrance Plaza and Brad runs up and hits you in the back. Oh no whats that? Oh its the crazy old fart who tried hitting you with a cane hanging. So what do we do? We go to save him! Carltio has a Barret, aka huge sniper rifle. He sits around 50-60 feet away on the second floor. Go up the stairs with Brad and stay behind the pillars. Sometimes the trees get in the way but just sit back and snipe. Carlito stays in that one area. Shoot him once or twice and he runs in a circle. Run back and then to another pillar. Shoot him 3 times, and then run to the next pillar. Repeat, and repeat. He falls pretty easy. Then another cutscene happens. No spoiler here... Even though this guy was an asshole.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Conor McCarthy

    Rare Items

    Submachine gun 1:
    When you walk into Al Fresco plaza you should find a big fountain. jump into the fountain, you should find a weight and the submachine gun.

    Submachine gun 2:
    In paradise plaza walk up the first set of stairs closest to the warehouse entrance, From there you should find little blue things jutting off behind you. Jump onto the first one and walk all the way to the end, Along the way you will find a cardboardbox containing one random Item. At the end you will find the submachine gun.

    Katana and Batlle axe:
    Go into the entrance plaza and go up the stairs, when you get off take a left and go down the shops. You will find a shop with doors, Go inside and yoyu will find three glass cases, The one on the left will hold the Katana. The one on the right will hold the battle axe.

    Katana 2:
    Go into Paraise plaza, go up the stairs to the resteraunt. From the orange juice contaier go to ther right a little bit, From there look down. You will find the submachine gun atop an orange platform.

    Katana and battle axe bolth kill in one hit. The submachine gun is very good against Physcopaths.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by dude person

    Secret Supplies

    Find a trash can, pick it up and throw it down in front of you. When it breaks open you can find anything from food to a gun.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Jesse

    Be Prepared

    A good idea is to always have a weapon that kills in one hit, like the Sword or a Chainsaw.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by powner

    Samurai Sword (Demo)

    In the demo where you can get the endless supply of orange juice, jump out the window right by it and you will land on an orange canopy. You can find the Samurai Sword there; pick it up and go chop up some zombies.

Dead Rising Unlockables

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Goalieman93

    Full Megaman Suit

    To obtain the full Megaman suit you must unlock the following achievements:

    Megaman Boots: Obtain the Unbreakable achievement (lets you keep the items in your inventory forever.)
    Megaman Blaster: Obtain the Zombie Genocide achievement (shoots out real destructive blasts instead of the usual tennis balls.)
    Megaman Helmet: No achievement needed, it's just there to complete your outfit.
    Megaman Tights: Obtain the Punisher achievement.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Cursedone27

    Snuff Shot J & B Achievement

    Saferoom and underground

    To unlock this achievement you must wait until Jessie turns into a zombie and when you visit her she will try to attack you. All you need to do is simply take a picture of her and you unlocked "Snuff Shot J."

    After doing the case where you have to go underground and collect the bombs you will see a clip of Brad and Carlito fighting. You will realize that Brad was pushed in a group of zombies. Yes you guessed it he turns into a zombie to. All you need to do is go back underground and locate him. You will know because most of the lights are shut off. All you need to do is take a picture of him to and there you have it both achievements. Good Luck!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dead Rising Owns!!!

    Laser Sword!

    Anywhere in the mall

    After Beating the game, you unlock overtime mode. Play overtime mode and collect a lot of food. Your health will gradually decrease after time even if you're not doing anything, so remember food. Also, food does not spawn in infinite stock piles like in Columbian Roastmasters or the food court. Anyway, the item that I'm talking about is unlocked after spending five days in the mall in overtime mode. The item is... a laser sword! It spawns in the security room and its called the everlasting energy sword!

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Alternate Endings

    Ending A - Solve all of the cases and return to the teleport by 12 a.m. on the 22nd.
    Ending B - Solve all of the cases and rescue a certain number of survivors.
    Ending C - Solve all of the cases, but fail to get to the heli-port on time.
    Ending D - Become a prisoner of the special forces by 12 a.m. on the 22nd.
    Ending E - Fail to show up at the heli-port at 12 a.m. and don't solve all of the cases.
    Ending F - Fail to collect all of Carlitos bombs while doing Case 7, "Bomb Collector."

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Mr_A

    "Hella Copter" achievement

    on the third day, In the park

    To unlock the "Hella Copter" achievement, First you have to wait until day three, when the Special Forces arrive. Then you should go to the north plaza's gun shop, grab a sniper rifle, and go outside, in the park. Wait until the helicopter is looking in your direction, then zoom in to its cockpit and unload. This should unlock the, "Hella Copter" achievement.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Infinity Mode - Obtain the "true ending"
    Overtime Mode - Finish the first 72 hours of Frank's stay in the mall and return to the helipad by noon on the 22nd

Dead Rising Easter Eggs

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by I like killing zombies

    Megaman's REAL job

    Check your watch. If you look very carefully, you will see a logo and 'MEGAMAN' under the twelve 'o clock point.

Dead Rising Glitches

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Black Sun

    Run Out And Run Back In

    Fighting Bosses

    When your fighting a boss, make sure you have somewhere to eat and drink in a different part of the mall. When you need health go to the other part of the mall, get the health, then go back to the boss. The boss will have the same health, and also. You won't loose your mission.

    This Glitch is helpful when fighting the crazy clown with chainsaws Adam.

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by Dead Rising Owns!!!

    Ghost of Frank West

    Leisure Park

    When playing Dead Rising, I experienced the weirdest thing. I decided to stay in the leisure park and see how long I could last with no food. I was outside for like five game hours, and suddenly I started to glow! It was so weird. I looked like a spirit. And every time I walked close to other zombies, they started glowing too! I went inside and I stopped glowing. I went back outside and I stopped. It was really weird.

Dead Rising Cheats

  • Xbox 360 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    ∞ Mode (20) - Get the true ending.
    3 Day Survivor (20) - Survive for 3 days.
    5 Day Survivor (20) - Survive for 5 days.
    7 Day Survivor (20) - Survive for 7 days.
    Bullet Point (20) - Fire 1,000 bullets.
    Carjacker (20) - Steal the convicts' vehicle.
    Census Taker (20) - Photograph 50 survivors.
    Clothes Horse (20) - Change into all costumes available in the mall.
    Costume Party (20) - Place novelty masks on at least 10 zombies.
    Frank the Pimp (20) - Simultaneously escort 8 female survivors.
    Freefall (20) - Drop from a height of at least 16 feet.
    Full Set (20) - Collect all portraits in the Notebook.
    Gourmet (20) - Eat all types of food available in the mall.
    Group Photo (20) - Get 50 Target Markers with the camera.
    Humanist (20) - Get 10 survivors out of the mall.
    Indoorsman (20) - Spend at least 24 hours indoors.
    Item Smasher (20) - Break 100 items.
    Karate Champ (20) - Defeat at least 1,000 zombies barehanded.
    Level Max (20) - Reach Level 50.
    Life Saver (20) - Get 20 survivors out of the mall.
    Marathon Runner (20) - Cover a distance of 26.2 miles.
    Outdoorsman (20) - Spend at least 24 hours outdoors.
    Overtime Mode (20) - Unveil all Cases and be at the heliport at noon.
    Peace Keeper (20) - Defeat 5 psychopaths.
    Perfect Gunner (20) - Don't miss with a machine gun.
    Photojournalist (20) - Score at least 1,500 PP from a single photo.
    Portraiture (20) - Photograph 10 survivors.
    PP Collector (20) - Photograph all PP Stickers.
    Psycho Collector (20) - Photograph 10 psychopaths.
    Psycho Photo (20) - Photograph 4 psychopaths.
    Punisher (20) - Defeat 10 psychopaths.
    Raining Zombies (20) - Knock at least 30 zombies aside with a parasol.
    Saint (20) - Get 50 survivors out of the mall.
    Self Defense (20) - Defeat 1 psychopath.
    Sharp Dresser (20) - Change into at least 20 different costumes.
    Strike! (20) - Send at least 10 zombies flying with bowling balls.
    Stunt Driver (20) - Jump a car at least 33 feet.
    Stunt Rider (20) - Jump a motorcycle at least 33 feet.
    The Artiste (20) - Score at least 3,000 PP from a single photo.
    Tour Guide (20) - Escort 8 survivors at once.
    Transmissionary (20) - Answer all calls from Otis.
    Unbreakable (20) - Get the Ture ending without being knocked out.
    Zombie Genocider (20) - Defeat 53,594 zombies.
    Zombie Hunter (20) - Defeat 1,000 zombies.
    Zombie Killer (20) - Defeat 10,000 zombies.
    Zombie Road (20) - Walk over 33 feet on the backs of zombies using the Zombie Ride.