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Dead or Alive vs Final Fantasy

Oct 12, 2007

We've been following the work of director/animator, Monty Oum closely since we first saw Master Chief clash with Samus inHaloid. So we were pleased to see his latest stab at girl-on-girl fantasy fighting today in his latest short film, Dead Fantasy 1.

Scroll on down to see Dead or Alive's Kasumi and Ayane get it on with Final Fantasy's Yuna and Rikku. We won't spoil the two surprises that follow before the short film's cliff hanger ending.

While Haloid still looks great to us, Dead Fantasy 1 looks even better with excellent choreography and over-the-top movements. But what's most refreshing is Oum's humble nature.

"My choices as the director of this movie suffered in a way due to my effort as an animator. I knew this would happen, but I still don't like seeing the faults I made including camera work and pacing. It's a pretty simple formula too… when it comes to the camera work, I don't want to lose any of those frames, even if it's a responsible choice to cut it out," said Oum in a post he made onGame Trailers.

Whatever Oum. Give yourself a break. We think Dead Fantasy 1 is brilliant and can't wait to see what happens next.