Dead by Daylight is getting a single-player game from Until Dawn and The Quarry studio Supermassive

Dead by Daylight
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Until Dawn and The Quarry developer Supermassive Games is making a single-player horror games based in the universe of Dead by Daylight.

The official Dead by Daylight X (formerly Twitter) account shared a video announcing Supermassive's "brand new single-player interactive story game." We don't have the full reveal just yet - that's coming at The Game Awards on Thursday - but the little teaser video includes plenty of details to keep horror fans fed for the day. 

"We've been working hard to blend the tension, agency, and branching storytelling of a Supermassive game together with Dead by Daylight's mythology to create an intense narrative experience filled with powerful life or death choices," said Supermassive executive producer Traci Tufte.

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While in the same universe as Dead by Daylight, Supermassive's yet untitled game takes place outside the realm of The Entity, the cosmic evil spirit that possesses killers to hunt down and murder survivor's in Behaviour's multiplayer horror game. The story will feature a brand new cast of characters that exist outside The Fog and thus, presumably, won't be bound by the same rules as characters from Dead by Daylight.

We'll have to wait until Thursday for more information on the game, but there's enough here already to pretty safely assume it'll be loosely similar to Supermassive's previous single-player efforts, that is, highly cinematic with a heavy story on player choice that leads the story down branching paths and toward a bunch of different endings in which key characters may or may not survive.

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