DC's revised Free Comic Book Day plans no longer includes Generation Zero: Gods Among Us

(Image credit: Francis Manapul (DC))

The full, revised plans for this year's Free Comic Book Day efforts have been announced - and DC's vaunted Generation Zero: Gods Among Us event kick-off title is no longer a FCBD book... or on the schedule at all.

Originally announced in February (with another DC FCBD release) as a book that would set the stage for the "future of the DC Universe", Generation Zero: Gods Among Us was later revealed to be a prelude to a five-part monthly event series to retcon DC's convoluted timeline into a more cohesive, planned structure overseen by then DC co-publisher Dan DiDio. 

(Image credit: Francis Manapul (DC))

"This issue features a stunning cover by Francis Manapul and features a story - which has been expanded with additional all-new material - starring Wally West, The Fastest Man Alive, which is set to lay the foundation for even more seismic-level changes in the DC Universe," DC told retailers back in February. "It all starts here, and everything counts."

The one-shots were announced to be written by a braintrust of Brian Michael Bendis, Dan Jurgens, Andy Schmidt, Robert Venditti, and Joshua Williamson, with art by Doug Mahnke, Bryan Hitch, Mikel Janín, Ivan Reis, David Marquez, and more.

Since the announcement (and DiDio's departure), plans for Generation has become "fluid" according to one of DC's top writers Scott Snyder. 

Wally West made a surprising appearance in this week's Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 (written by Snyder), although it doesn't necessary preclude him also appearing in Generation Zero (or any related issues) down the road should they be released.

May 2's Generation Zero (and a subsequent Generation One title planned for later in May) were pulled from DC's schedule when COVID-19 led Diamond to shutdown distribution. In the months since as comics distribution by Diamond (and DC, through new alternate distributors) has resumed, DC has not re-solicited, re-announced, re-scheduled, or addressed any future for the series. 

So what will DC have for Free Comic Book Day this year? They are moving ahead with their other planned FCBD 2020 release is a flipbook previewing two OGNs released previously this year - Batman Overdrive and Batman: Once Upon A Crime.

Chris Arrant

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