DC's new My Adventures with Superman comic bridges the gap between the animated series' first and second seasons

Art from My Adventures with Superman
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The first season of animated hit My Adventures with Superman was terrific fun, balancing old school Man of Steel action with a fresh and modern perspective. The season finale saw Kal-El defeat an alien invasion, while also tee-ing up the arrival of some classic villains to the series. We're still a little ways off the start of season 2 but a new comic from DC should make the wait for new episodes more bearable.

Written by series producer Josie Campbell (who recently launched I Heart-Skull Crusher at BOOM! Studios) and drawn by Pablo M. Collar, My Adventures with Superman the comic "picks up from the explosive end of season one, serving as a bridge to the highly anticipated season two" according to a statement from DC. Indeed, the new series is telling a story that was originally intended for the TV show.

Here's Carli Squiteri's main cover, and a variant by Gavin Guidry.

"This story is one we actually talked about in the writers room, but we didn't have space for it in season one," Campbell said in a statement. "So get ready for romance, comedy, super-powers, Jimmy Olsen talking a lot about how he's super-rich now, and all the goodness of the show bundled into this action-packed miniseries."

The My Adventures with Superman comic finds Clark Kent spending Christmas alone in Metropolis, until a tip off about a monster stalking the city's sewers leads him, Lois, and Jimmy Olsen into a mystery. "What is this monster that can absorb anything it touches, and why is it here in Metropolis?" asks DC's press release. 

"Being the producer of My Adventures with Superman and bringing Clark Kent to TV screens around the world has been nothing but a dream come true for me," Campbell continued. "So I'm absolutely thrilled that Pablo and I get to bring fans even more adventures with Superman, this time in comic book form!" For his part, Pablo M. Collar described Superman as "the reference and the symbol of all that's good in us, and being part of something like this is a dream come true, and the whole team will give it our best."

My Adventures with Superman #1 is published by DC on June 4.

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