DC to release unpublished Suicide Squad, Nightwing, and Batman stories in new title

Let Them Live
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DC weirdo-hero Ambush Bug will host a new 'Unpublished Comics Cavalcade'-style anthology limited series titled Let Them Live! which will publish previously shelved tales from DC's archives.

Billed as "stories of DC's infinite universe," the anthology series will appropriately debut on the DC Infinite digital comic book reading service, which features both new and exclusive DC digital titles as well as classic DC comics and back-issues. 

(Image credit: DC)

That phrasing also calls to mind DC's upcoming 'Infinite Frontier' branding, which is based around an inclusive view of DC history in which all previous comics, alt-universes, and stories dating back to the publisher's earliest days can be invoked or considered canon at different times.

Though the stories included in the series will feature different characters and creators in every issue, Let Them Live! will be anchored by a "meta-narrative" framing device starring the aforementioned Ambush Bug (a wacky, fourth-wall-breaking, goofball hero who predates even Deadpool in these traits) as a janitor in DC's offices. The Ambush Bug stories will be created by writer Elliot Kalan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame, and artists Mike Norton and Marissa Louise.

Let Them Live! #1 is due out February 2 and features a Suicide Squad Story from writer Jim Zub and artists Tradd Moore, Felipe Sobreiro, and Nate Piekos.

Let Them Live! #2 follows on February 16 and stars Nightwing in a story from creators Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Jorge Corona, Mat Lopes, and Carlos M. Mangual.

And finally – for now at least – March 2's Let Them Live! #3 puts a spotlight on Batman in a tale from writer Scott Bryan Wilson and artists John Paul Leon, Dave Stewart, and Deron Bennett.

DC doesn't state whether Let Them Live! will continue past its initial three issues, but it's likely the publisher has enough unpublished 'inventory' stories to keep going for some time.

In addition to being available on the DC Infinite subscriber service, DC states issues of Let Them Live! will be available on comiXology and "other participating digital platforms" 30 days after release.

DC Infinite hosts numerous classic comic books, including some of the best DC Comics stories of all time.

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