DC reveals more about its Batman plans post-'Fear State'

Batman #118
Batman #118 (Image credit: DC)

In the grand comic book tradition of marketing the next event storyline when the current just got started, DC is revealing more of what happens in Batman and Detective Comics post-'Fear State.'

Abyss character design by Jorge Molina (Image credit: DC)

Its hands are tied of course, as its December 2021 solicitations will be released soon, but nevertheless, December 7's Batman #118 picks up on the events of 'Fear State' with a four-issue story by writer Joshua Williamson and artist Jorge Molina.

December will be the first Batman storyline following the departure of current writer James Tynion IV.

As previously revealed, the events of 'Fear State' cause the Caped Crusader to leave Gotham City and Williamson's story will introduce a new villain, Abyss, and mark the return of the yellow oval on Batman's chest. But newly revealed is the Dark Knight be on the trail of a new mystery involving Batman, Inc.

Batman character design by Jorge Molina (Image credit: DC)

The creation of writer Grant Morrison, Batman Incorporated was more or less when Batman franchised his brand and methodology to a global network of crime-fighters. 

"We're honoring the plan that the other books in the bat-line are doing while telling a brand-new story for Bruce Wayne as Batman in the DCU," Williamson previously revealed

Molina added their storyline will have a "classic feel to it."

Batman #118 features a cover by Molina and variant covers by Francesco Mattina, Viktor Bogdanovic, and Jock.

Batman #119, which DC does not date, features a cover by Molina and variant covers by Karl Kerschl, Mattina, and Jock. 

Check out the main covers to Batman #118 and Batman #119 by Molina. 

Finally, DC is skipping even further ahead to January to announce more details about 'Shadows of the Bat,' previously revealed in its November 2021 solicitations. The Detective Comics storyline is by writer Mariko Tamaki and a roster of four artists each illustrating four issues, including Ivan Reis (with Danny Miki) on the initial four issues, then Max Raynor, Amancay Nahuelpan, and Jordie Bellaire.

Detective Comics #1047 variant cover by Simone Di Meo (Image credit: DC)

The storyline focuses on the new Arkham Tower in the heart of Gotham approved by Mayor Nakano after the destruction of Arkham Asylum. 

Of course, DC isn't waiting long to tell the inevitable Arkham story. The tower already falls to its inmates and Batman and his allies are drawn into the madness along with the plans of a mysterious new character, Dr. Wear. 

Batman and Nightwing particularly clash over their conflicting ideas about Arkham's place in Gotham, exasperated by another new villain, the Maeger Man.

Each of the story's 12 issues will also feature back-up stories written by Matthew Rosenberg with art by Fernando Blanco that explores Arkham’s dark history. 

interior art from Detective Comics #1047 (Image credit: DC)

As previously revealed, the story actually kicks off with a prelude in November's Detective Comics 2021 Annual co-written by Tamaki and Rosenberg with art by David Lapham and Trish Mulvihill.

January 4's Detective Comics #1047 features a cover by Irvin Rodriguez with variant covers by Lee Bermejo, Jorge Fornés, and Simone Di Meo. 

January 11's Detective Comics #1048 features a cover by Rodriguez and variants by Bermejo and Fornés.

Check out all the covers from Detective Comics #1047 and Detective Comics #1048 and a few more interior preview pages from Detective Comics #1047.

Check out more of DC’s December 2021 plans including a new Batgirls ongoing, the return of Alec Holland, and a series depicting the last days of Krypton.

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