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DC Pride celebrates LGBTQIA+ stars in June

DC Pride #1
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Beginning this June DC will publish a series of projects featuring the DC Universe's LGBTQIA+ characters. 

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DC Pride #1 is an 80-page anthology special on sale June 8 that will feature "LGBTQIA+ characters from all corners of DC’s ever-expanding Universe, including cameos by fan favorites Batwoman, Renee Montoya, Alan Scott, Midnighter, Apollo, Extraño, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Constantine, and more."

The creative teams, and the characters featured in their stories include:

  • Batwoman (Kate Kane) by James Tynion IV & Trung Le Nguyen
  • Poison Ivy & Harley Quinn by Mariko Tamaki & Amy Reeder
  • Midnighter by Steve Orlando & Stephen Byrne
  • Flash of Earth-11 (Jess Chambers) by Danny Lore & Lisa Sterle
  • Green Lantern (Alan Scott) & Obsidian by Sam Johns & Klaus Janson
  • Aqualad (Jackson Hyde) by Andrew Wheeler & Luciano Vecchio
  • Dreamer by Nicole Maines & Rachel Stott
  • Renee Montoya by Vita Ayala & Skylar Patridge
  • Pied Piper by Sina Grace, Ro Stein & Ted Brandt

The Dreamer story will be the DC comic book debut of the trans woman superhero character that originated on the CW's Supergirl and will be written by  Nicole Maines, the actor who plays Nia Nal/Dreamer on Supergirl.

DC Pride #1 will include full-page profiles of DCTV’s LGBTQIA+ characters and the actors who play them.

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Finally, DC Pride will feature as forward by Marc Andreyko (Love is Love), pin-ups by artists Kris Anka, Sophie Campbell, Mildred Louis, Travis Moore, Nick Robles, and Kevin Wada, "with more surprises to come!" 

The DC Pride #1 cover is by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Tamra Bonvillain.

And speaking of covers, DC will also release a series of nine Pride-themed variant covers in June showcasing DC’s franchise characters. The line-up includes: 

  • Batman #109 by Jen Bartel
  • Crush & Lobo #1 by Yoshi Yoshitani
  • DC Pride #1 by Jen Bartel
  • Harley Quinn #4 by Kris Anka
  • Nightwing #81 by Travis G. Moore
  • Superman #32 by David Talaski
  • Teen Titans Academy #4 by Stephen Byrne
  • Wonder Girl #2 Pride by Kevin Wada
  • Wonder Woman #774 by Paulina Ganucheau

Check out a gallery of six of the variant covers here: 

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DC Pride #1

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DC Pride #1

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DC Pride #1

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DC Pride #1

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DC Pride #1

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DC Pride #1

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In addition to DC Pride #1 and the variant covers, as part of the publisher’s overall Pride plans in 2021, DC will publish the GLAAD Media Award-nominated Suicide Squad: Bad Blood by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo on April 27; the gothic LGBTQIA+ romance Poison Ivy: Thorns by Kody Keplinger and Sara Kipin on June 1; and Mariko Tamaki and Yoshi Yoshitani’s YA graphic novel, I Am Not Starfire, on July 27.

Finally, if you noticed its mention in the list of variant covers, DC will also launch a Crush and Lobo series on June 8. Check out more details about that new title here.

DC is also promising more Pride announcements from DC between now and June.

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