Live that post-apocalypse biker life with this free Days Gone PS4 theme

It's always a win-win when companies give away themes and avatars in the lead-up to a new game - players get more customization options, and developers get some free advertising. The latest set of freebie from Sony are an avatar pack and a PS4 Dynamic Theme based on the upcoming PS4 exclusive Days Gone, and those with PSN accounts in the US and Canada can redeem them now before this open-world, survival horror biker adventure launches next week.

The Dynamic Theme is the main attraction, featuring our motorcycle-riding hero Deacon St. John on the run from a Runner, a mutated, super aggressive wolf. The blur effect creates the illusion of speeding down the road, as does the little animation of dirt and debris being kicked up by Deacon's bike - but the wolf's pounce will never resolve, nor will Deacon's attempt to shoot it out of the air. 

Your icons get a pretty cool aesthetic upgrade with this Dynamic Theme, looking like patches ready to be ironed or stitched onto a sick biker jacket. You can see the Dynamic Theme in action via the video below from YouTube user RenkaWong; it's purely aesthetic, without any music or sound effects to go with it.

Grabbing the Dynamic Theme and avatar pack is simple - just visit the official Countdown to Launch page, sign in with your US/CA-based PSN account, and either scroll down to get your codes or click the little "View Rewards" button in the top left. Don't worry about any weird errors on the page when you first visit, as it's likely a bug with the age-gated video up top. If you're feeling frisky, you can also enter a giveaway sweepstakes, with winners getting a cute plushie of the terrifying Rager Bear. Aw, you can see his exposed muscle tissue and barbed-wire wounds!

In the lead-up to Days Gone, we asked the Zombie Research Society to run down the best (and least accurate) zombie games of all time. 

Lucas Sullivan

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