Daydream Nation trailer

Daydream Nation

Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas and Andie MacDowell’s new serial killer coming-of-ager Daydream Nation has bunged its first trailer up online.

Yes, you read that right - serial killer coming-of-ager . The directorial debut of Michael Goldblach, Nation splices a dreamy growing pangs drama with a bloody serial killer plot. Could be awesome.

Going the route marked 'montage', this new trailer really doesn’t give too much away, instead overlaying a series of images with a cool indie soundtrack.

Check it out below…

The official plot has teen Caroline Wexler (Dennings) moving to a new town and embarking on an affair with her favourite teacher (Lucas) when her peers turn out to be stoner losers (isn’t that an oxymoron?).

When Caroline ends things with the teacher, her rejection sends him spinning into crazyness. Don’t think we’re going to get a happy ending with this one...

Daydream Nation is premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival next month.

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