David Twohy talks Riddicks R-rating

Riddick promises to return the Vin Diesel sci-fi franchise to it's gritty Pitch Black roots, following on from the misfire that was The Chronicles Of Riddick .

So, understandably, the announcement that the threequel would have an R-rating was met with fan approval.

In Total Film magazine issue 204, we chat to director David Twohy about Riddick , and the issue of the R-rating (meaning it'll most likely be a 15 certificate in the UK) came up.

Twohy told us, “If you make it PG-13, then you have to make concessions, and that’s what happened on The Chronicles Of Riddick where we had to downplay a lot of our action sequences and remove a lot of the blood. We found it was tying our hands, so we vowed not to do that.”

Riddick opens in the US on 6 September 2013, with a UK release date to be confirmed.

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