Dave Bautista cast as Drax in Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardians Of The Galaxy has found its Drax The Destroyer, with former wrestler Dave Bautista signing on for James Gunn’s comic-book adaptation.

Drax is a human-born character who finds himself bestowed with awesome physical strength and the ability to produce energy blasts when he is reborn in a powerful new body.

Bautista, who was last seen strutting his stuff in The Man With The Iron Fists , has nabbed the role ahead of fierce competition from fellow muscle-man Jason Momoa, who many had considered to be the front-runner for the part.

The film will follow US pilot Peter Quill (AKA Star Lord), who finds himself caught up in an intergalactic conflict, and ends up on the run with a gang of futuristic ex-cons.

Bautista will join Chris Pratt’s Star Lord, with Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Gamora among the other members of the team yet to be cast. Directed by James Gunn, Guardians Of The Galaxy will open in the UK on 1 August 2014.

George Wales

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