Das Boot: The Director's Cut review

Wolfgang Petersen (In The Line Of Fire, Air Force One) has returned to his epic World War Two submarine drama The Boat (first released in 1982) to give it the fashionable special edition treatment. A powerful, compelling (and subtitled) film about the grubby crew of a German U-Boat on patrol in the North Atlantic, it's one of the most successful foreign films ever made. Petersen oversaw the re-editing of more than six hours of footage, working with the original Das Boot cinematographer Jost Vacano to revamp and restore this epic film. The result - a clearer, richer print, with enhanced sound effects - is still one of the most riveting, engrossing and revealing action/adventure movies ever made. Appealingly shorter than the mini-series, yet just as good, it shows the reality of war in all its tense, dirty excitement and boredom. Astonishing film-making.

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