Dark Souls-inspired D&D book Broken Weave exceeds Kickstarter goal 17 times

A undead, zombie-like creature tears at the head of a fallen adventurer
(Image credit: Cubicle 7)

Dark Souls-inspired D&D book Broken Weave has exceeded its goal on Kickstarter 17 times. The project, which is set to end later today at 2:58pm UTC, has earned over $184,200 / £153,500 and climbing since it launched in February - significantly more than a target just north of $10,600 / £8,900.

Designed by Cubicle 7 (the studio behind numerous Warhammer and Doctor Who tabletop adaptations), the Broken Weave Kickstarter campaign (opens in new tab) works in tandem with Dungeons and Dragons books to introduce a world where magic is broken and the gods are dead. Because it's setting-neutral, you can introduce its mechanics and scenarios into your existing campaign. It also has a system that allows you to 'break' classic D&D monsters with changes that make them more unsettling - like the owlbear on the Kickstarter banner with endless mouths all across its body.

In essence, Broken Weave is D&D Dark Souls, but with a key difference - hope. Although it's a grim world, you can make a difference. Thanks to being designed during the pandemic, it emphasizes rebuilding society and trying to find community in a shattered kingdom. When I talked with the developers about this book, they noted that "the Dark Souls post-apocalyptic setting might lure people in, but I think [hope] is what will keep people around."

Because the project is now in the final hours of its campaign, that means it's your last call to get the items from certain tiers at the discounted Kickstarter rate. While you'll still be able to grab the book and accessories separately later this year (the current estimated date is November), the reduced prices seen in bundles won't be available once the campaign ends.

You can see the Kickstarter page here (opens in new tab).

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