Dark Sector Interview

But yes, we're very inspired by movies and music. I mean, on the music side, we've gone for a Taiko Drum Master kind of sound - a lot of rhythm and percussion. That was a big influence on the overall feel of the game.

You're a musician yourself, aren't you?

Yes I am. I'm in a band called Snakes Alive.

Has any of your music made it to the game?

Josh Austin: We've talked about it - we're fairly new so...

I've been in bands my whole life - nothing that ever broke out and got famous, but we're getting pretty good recognition right now. But this is my day job. That's my after-hours fun.

Music has been a really big thing in this game because we've been trying hard to strive for emersion - we want to keep you in there. So we don't have a HUD cluttering up the screen.

And we hope that people who watch movies will latch onto that - that they'll look at it and say "hey, that looks like an interactive movie." That's one of the reasons why we wanted to ditch the HUD from the beginning.