Dark Resurrection for PS3?

PSP game Tekken: Dark Resurrection could become available for download for PlayStation 3, a move that would really up the ante for online distribution of games.

Dark Resurrection was originally released for PSP and was basically an enhanced version of the PS2 version of Tekken 5, with all the characters playable from the start, new character items to unlock and several new stages.

With this news coming from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, it is also claimed that the graphics will be enhanced to make the most of PS3's HD output.

Above: Dragunov is one of the new characters introduced in Tekken: Dark Resurrection.

If Dark Resurrection does become downloadable this would raise the bar considerably regarding the standard of games available for consoles via online distribution. Usually they consist of quite simple games or retro offerings, but now it seems Sony might start raiding its PSP back-catalogue to stock its online store.

December 7, 2006