Dark Pictures: Man of Medan - Get scared silly with new gameplay and exclusive info from Supermassive Games

As Gamescom 2018 continues to roll on in Cologne, Germany this week, GamesRadar's After Dark show has more news, interviews, and gameplay for your viewing pleasure, which returns on Twitch today at 7PM CEST / 6PM BST / 10AM PT / 1PM EST.  

Yesterday's show, which you can catch up on here, featured appearances from Destiny 2, Two Point Hospital, and - now that it's been fully revealed - Man of Medan, the first scheduled title in Supermassive Games' new anthology horror series for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

The Until Dawn developer stopped by After Dark to talk all things Man of Medan, and you can watch our chat with Game Director Tom Heaton in the video above, alongside extended footage of the intriguing adventure title in action. Talking to GamesRadar+, Heaton explained that Supermassive learned "many, many lessons" from 2015's Until Dawn, and has used that experience to create a more ambitious kind of horror game in Man of Medan, which is just the first of several titles in the Dark Pictures series that the studio plans to release, at a rate of two per year. 

For example, the relationship system has been fleshed out and turned into a meta game in and of itself, while a new mechanic called "Premonitions" lets players look into the future to inform the decisions they make in the present. As expected, the branching, choice-and-consequence focused narrative of Until Dawn also remains very much intact, aa Heaton promised that it'll be "very very difficult" to finish Man of Medan with every cast member still breathing. Oh boy, I'm going to get everyone killed again, aren't I? 

Until Dawn is on our list of the best horror games of all time. Here's hoping Man of Medan is scary enough to make the cut when it releases next year. 

Alex Avard

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