Dark Horse's Fragmentation collapses the timeline as historical events overlap

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Read any history book and you’ll be glad the past is in the past, to have avoided things like the Black Plague, the Ice Age, or pre-plumbing restrooms. But what if history decided to come back? What if the issues humanity faced in the distant past came leaping through time to scour us today? What would you do?

(Image credit: Dark Horse Comics)

That’s the basic premise of Dark Horse’s upcoming original graphic novel Fragmentation, which is set in a world where time is warping and attracting different eras to our own like disease-ridden moths to a flame. Major historical events are reoccurring and even overlapping.

The story is created and written by Marc Guggenheim, whose sci-fi and time travel chops include the Young X-Men comics and Legends of Tomorrow TV show, drawn by Avatar: Adapt or Die artist Ben R. Lobel and colored by Christopher Sotomayor.

Fragmentation is a self-contained story focusing on one family whose past traumas are coming back to haunt them the way that all of humanity’s traumas are coming back to haunt the globe. It’ll be up to them to confront the demons of the past and, hopefully, fix the historical rift in time to save… well, time.

Newsarama readers can get a first look at pages from the graphic novel in the gallery below.

Fragmentation will be available in comic shops January 25, 2023, and in bookstores February 7, 2023.

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