How to cast Dark and Darker Cleric spells

Dark and Darker Cleric casting divine smite spell
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Dark and Darker Cleric spells are an important part of the class’s abilities, but you’ll need to draw your staff if you want to cast them. It’s not exactly obvious but Clerics – like Wizards – get a magic staff that’s required to cast spells. While not as destructive as Wizard magic, Cleric spells are focused on healing, buffing, and protection, making them a versatile support class for helping teammates or themselves. Although, you need to make sure you’ve got spells to choose from in the first place and need to know how to switch from your mace and shield to your staff. Here’s what you need to know about casting spells as a Dark and Darker Cleric.

Cast Dark and Darker Cleric spells

To cast Cleric spells in Dark and Darker, you need to have spells equipped, then switch to your staff:

  1. Equip a Spell Memory: Under the ‘Perk and Skill’ menu, make sure you’ve got at least one Spell Memory equipped on your Cleric, as this is needed to equip spells.
  2. Choose Cleric Spells: Go to the ‘Spell’ menu and choose five spells. These will be available to pick from in a radial menu during a match.
  3. Switch to your staff: Load into a match and then press 2 to switch from your mace and shield to your staff. You can press 1 to switch back to your weapons.
  4. Choose a Cleric spell: Depending on which skill slot you placed your Spell Memory skill, hold E or Q to bring up your spell radial menu and choose a spell.
  5. Cast your Cleric spells: Hold the right mouse button (RMB) to cast your chosen spell using your staff.

Dark and Darker Cleric radial spell menu

(Image credit: Ironmace)

So that’s how you cast a single Dark and Darker Cleric spell. If you want to cast a different spell, hold E or Q and choose another spell, then hold RMB again to cast it. Remember, you have limited casting capabilities and can cast spells only so many times, so use your magic wisely, Clerics!

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