Cyberpunk 2077 headsets don't jack directly into your brain but you can pretend

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

A new line of officially branded Cyberpunk 2077 headsets and accessories from SteelSeries give you a number of ways to ensconce your head in that dystopian future aesthetic.

SteelSeries and CD Projekt Red revealed the new product line today, which comprises two new designs for Arctis 1 Wireless and a set of three megacorp-themed booster packs to customize the Arctis Pro you already own. They're all available for purchase on the official SteelSeries site right now.

(Image credit: SteelSeries)

The two Arctis 1 designs are the Johnny Silverhand Edition, which is compatible with Xbox One (as well as PC and Nintendo Switch), and the Netrunner Edition, which is compatible with PS4 (and also PC and Nintendo Switch). The Johnny Silverhand design has the same scratched-in "no future" motif seen on the special Xbox One controller and a Samurai design on one earcup. The Netrunner Edition is modeled after the augmented reality Net aesthetic from the game, with lots of abstract yellow technical bits.

If you'd prefer to kit out an Arctis Pro with some special Cyberpunk flavor, you have three options depending on your corporate loyalties: the subdued blue of Arasaka, the industrial orange of Kang Tao, or the militarized olive of Militech. Each one comes with a headband and two magnetic earplates to kit out your headset. You could even mix and match with one element from each kit, if you want to play the fictional corporate sponsorship field.

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