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Cube review

Fit to be square

The wooziness isescalated by the deceptively simplistic control scheme, consisting ofalmostsole use of the D-pad, with the occasional X buttonthrown intoto trigger things like explosions and cloned blocks. The rest of the buttons have been relegated to controlling the camera (almost all of the in fact, even the analog nub) because you'll be using every dimension of the intricately designed levels -left to right and top to bottom - and you'll need to hold some semblance ofwhich wayis up.

But since the controls are relative to the position of the camera, a lot of your movement will end up botched due to a constantly shifting point of view. Sometimes the camera angle obscures certain sources of evil, like the hard to see, two dimensional sinkertiles that act like quicksand, suckingyou downin less time than it takes Ashley Simpson to streak offstage when the recorded vocals start skipping.

A lot of frustration can be overcome by patiently mastering the camera controls and clearly surveying the lay of every land, but with so many levels coming at you in such short bursts, this seems a little counterinutive tothe pick-up-and-play puzzler Cube should've been.Plus going backtocollectkeys andshooting for a"Gold" finish time just to unlock further levels can also be a drag.

More Info

DescriptionAs a heroic rolling square, you'll navigate through several boxy environments in this interesting puzzler.
PlatformPS2, PSP
UK censor rating3+
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 20 July 2007 (UK)