Crytek's next platform... PSP?

Far Cry developer Crytek is famous for setting the graphical standard of the generation with its stupidly gorgeous Cry Engine 2, which powers its icy jungle FPS Crysis.

We're sure you'll be a bit surprised to see a job ad on itsofficial websitethen, advertising for a PSP programmer to work in its Budapest office. We don't think they're going to get high-dynamic range lighting working on that machine...

The developer recently stated that all of its future projects after upcoming Crysis Warhead will be multi-platform, officially ending their PC exclusive development strategy.

If the PSP ad is actually relevant to what its working on (and not just some sort of technology experiment at Crytek's HQ), then the obvious guess would be that the developer's planning a spin-off of its shooter series for PSP.

We'll of course give you a nudge when an explanation breaks out.

Courtesy of CVG.

Jun 16, 2008