Crytek's next AAA game is a FPS sandbox, job listings suggest

Crysis Remastered
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An "unannounced AAA project" is in the works at Crysis and Hunt: Showdown studio Crytek, and new job listings suggest it's a first-person shooter sandbox.

We first reported on Crytek's next game in September, but we had little to share beyond a list of job titles, none of which indicated the type of game seemingly in development. Now, a fresh batch is shedding light on the title. 

As spotted by Wcctech, there are 10 listings for Crytek's Frankfurt HQ dedicated to the unannounced game, but it's the ones for Game Designer and Senior Game Designer that ask for applicants with "a deep passion for gaming, preferably FPS sandbox games."

2007's Crysis is still fairly unique to this day for stretching the boundaries of the traditional FPS mold by giving players a big open world to explore in between firefights and cutscenes. Subsequent entries in the Crysis series follow a more linear approach to gameplay, setting players on a more restrictive route through the story.

Hot off the heels of 2020's Crysis Remastered, it's possible that Crytek is starting work on Crysis 4, though the studio hasn't teased anything else to substantiate the possibility. Alternatively, Crytek could be working on a brand new IP.

The new job listings are understandably vague, but they do confirm that Crytek is sticking to what they know best: first-person shooters and sandbox worlds. Whether it's a next-gen Crysis game or the start of a new series, the fact that so many new roles are opening up at the studio's main Frankfurt location means all hands are on deck for Crytek's next AAA game. 

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