Crytek defends Crysis spec requirements

Jan 10, 2008

Crytek's boss has defended its hardware-hungry FPS Crysis, saying he believes the studio struck a good balance between performance and spec requirements.

"I think an important distinction that many gamers overlooked was that we designed 'medium' settings to look and play great," Cevat Yerli told IGN. "Our 'medium' setting should run great on 70 percent of gaming PCs."

On the defensive, Yerli said that the tendency for many PC gamers is to automatically whack graphics settings to the highest possible, but "our 'high' settings are truly for high-end systems."

'Very high' settings are reserved for the most state of the art and upcoming PCs, he added.

"I definitely think that we need to continue to educate gamers about our settings. As we've been saying all along, Crysis looks and runs great on medium and high settings on gaming rigs that are 2-3 years old."

Yerli went on to admit that Crysis's hardware requirements were "probably a bit" responsible forsurprisingly low sales of the FPS in launch month in the US,but said it's too early to say whether this will have any impact on Crytek's approaches to technology in the future.

"...our primary goal is to always make the best possible games, first and foremost," he explained.

Courtesy of CVG