Crysis 3 teaser trailer aims high

Crytek has released a Crysis 3 teaser trailer for its full Crysis 3 gameplay trailer, slated to hit the interwebs on April 24. While we're not entirely sold on the whole “trailer inside a trailer” concept, we're suckers for well done CGI and things that go boom. Enjoy the all-too-brief Crysis 3 preview below:

Crysis 3 was announced earlier this week in Crysis 3 release date set for spring 2013, first images revealed. As Crytek described it, the game will see players entering a New York City Nanodome to exact revenge on the Cell Corporation, the creators of said Nanodome and the shady organization behind some of the alien events in the series.

We like what we've seen so far, but we'll save the deep analysis until that gameplay trailer arrives next Tuesday. Until then, let us know your hopes and dreams for the Prophet's return in the comments below.

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