Crysis 2: Gameplay impressions

OK, so loads of titles use the Big Apple as a backdrop but combined with the superb visuals thatCrytek are capable of producingCrysis 2 is already looking hot.

Above: Everything promises to be big in this sequel. Including the explosions

The demo we were walked through starts off with Prophet staring out from a bust up building on Wall Street. Choppers fly past and debris falls from the skyscraper as the camera pans around theincredibly detailed destruction below.

A quick leap to the ground, from some 20 storieshigh or so, and Prophet isscanning the area. Marking off his targets with his nanosuitsgoggles.All starts off well - a huge jump lands him behind an enemy onrooftop who meets his maker with a stealth kill.Another enemy is at the end ofwalkway but rather than remain invisible all hell breaks loose asProphet opens fire with a machine gun that's as loud as war. Soon there are soldiers flanking and peppering our hero from all angles, which hequicklydeals with.

But as the dust settles, Prophet is invisible againand staring down the sights ofa sniper rifle ready to take out a distant enemy, sadly a stray shot is fired and suddenly his position is revealed again meaning more strafing and shooting. It's at this point wewonder whether God mode is on.

Above: If ever there was a hero shot of a game, this is surely it

The rest of the rooftop action is full of run and gun, apart from two key moments when a) a guard is picked up by his throat and thrown through a window to his death and b) a parasol is used to twat an enemy unconscious.

We also get to see ourhero in an unfamiliar, vulnerable position as he'scaptured by the enemy and has all his powers depleted. Mysteriously, his suit powers up againwhen a giant enemy spike erupts through a building and kills all thegrunts aroundhim with its spooky power.

As he regains full strength he takes on a few aliens in a dazzle of explosions, grenades and uber violence and then the demo ends. We're already looking forward to this immensely, and even though the demo was a bit slap-dash it's plain to see it's going to be great.

Nathan Irvine
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